Erin Murphy of 'Bewitched' Shares a New Photo of Her Baby Granddaughter Stella Erin

Former actress Erin Murphy, most famous for playing the role of Tabitha in the 1960s hit "Bewitched," recently shared a photo of her granddaughter Stella Erin Rogers.

The little baby, who was brought into the world back in April, caught Murphy's fans by surprise with her adorable cheeks and gorgeous blue eyes.

In the picture, little Stella can be seen looking directly at the camera while wearing a cute pink headband and was compared to a living doll by an Instagram user. 


Stella is Grant Daniel Rogers' daughter, Murphy's son, and she has had the opportunity of posing for a picture with her famous grandmother, who then shared the moment with the world.

Although Erin is no longer the star that she once was, she has no regrets, especially after avoiding the well-known curse that usually strikes child actors.


As Tabitha, Murphy was on the set of "Bewitched" from 1966 to 1972, appearing in a total of 103 episodes. After leaving the show, she walked away from the entertainment business.

During an interview with Closer Weekly, the beautiful 55-year-old explained that instead of doing a part on "The Waltons" she went to Girl Scout camp. 

She said:

"My family moved down to Orange County and I continued to go up to LA when there were guaranteed jobs, but I stopped doing the crazy auditions where I’d be sitting in a room with a hundred kids who looked just like me being rejected."


Murphy no longer plays much of a role in the business but she still gets involved in quite a few projects, such as "TV Therapy," where she reprises her role as Tabitha.

Back in June, Murphy had the opportunity of reuniting with "Little House on the Praire" star Alison Arngrim at an LGTBQ event, which was held at the Hollywood Museum, in Los Angeles.

The two posed for a picture together, with cutouts of themselves standing in the background. In what might have been an inside joke, Arngrim was seen smiling fondly at Murphy, who couldn't help but grin right back at her.

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