Meet Media Legend Donnie Simpson's Big Family

Donnie Simpson's family is an interracial one that is well blended, and not even the setback they once suffered was able to diminish the love they have for one another.

Donnie Simpson has always been about family; it's the bedrock of his life and career.

He has stayed married to the same woman, Pam Simpson for over four decades, and between them, they have two children, son Donnie Jr., and daughter, Dawn.


Donnie Jr. and Dawn married outside the black community, a fact that was unknown until Simpson shared a family photo on Facebook.

It had people questioning how a man whose marriage is an example of "Black love" would let that happen.

The answer is quite simple; it's "Love." The TV personality embraces people of all races, and he could not be happier that his children found people who love them.

Also, Simpson is a grandfather to a grandson who is learning how to ride a scooter and a beautiful granddaughter. He sees his grandchildren as "Treasures of a lifetime," and his family is very intermingled.


Simpson and his oldest child used to work together on his radio show on WPGC.

Donnie Jr. was the producer of the show for a short period before the radio station sent the veteran broadcaster packing to make room for a host who would reach the younger generation.

After leaving WPGC, Donnie Jr. followed his other life dream; he became a pastry chef, and his Muffin Co. is famous in Washington D.C. Dawn, on the other hand, had no wish to be anywhere close to the entertainment world.

She works as a second-grade school teacher and loves her job.

Simpson's wife used to be an actress and a model in her younger years, but she stopped along the way to focus on her children and marriage; her dedication to the latter hit a snag when the radio personality had a mid-life crisis.


When the couple's children were in their teens, the BET "Video Show" host moved out of their home for three years to be with a younger woman.

During that time, Pam was the sole parent to their children, and when Simpson decided it was time to return, she made sure he understood it was his second and last chance.

The two got married at 19, three years after the "The Donnie Simpson Morning Show" host got his first radio job. Since then, he has remained relevant in the broadcasting industry and returned to radio in 2015 with a show on WMMJ.

Simpson has learned that all he needs in life are his wife and children, and these days, they are the most important and his most prized possession.

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