Kylie Jenner Slammed by Fans for Looking Nearly a Decade Older on Her 22nd Birthday

The Kylie Cosmetics founder turned a year older on August 10, but she wasn't met with congratulatory messages from fans. Instead, she was trolled for her looks.

Birthdays are usually a big deal for members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so when Kylie turned 22, it was huge!

The mother-of-one showed fans what 22 should be like as she flooded her social media pages with photos from her glamorous celebration in Portofino.

Unfortunately, many internet users weren't so thrilled for the birthday girl as they couldn't help but take a jab at her looks. 

She was cruelly trolled as fans asked why she looked decades older than her actual age.

One Twitter user, Jeon Mariel, was baffled that the youngest billionaire was just 22 years as he always assumed she was 25 or 30.

Another said she looked like a 50-year-old trying to be 21.
This netizen joked saying that at 22, she looked like a 10-year-old while Kylie resembled like a 30-year-old.

Although Kylie once admitted to using facial and lip fillers in the past, a plastic surgeon has revealed that the self-made billionaire might have done much more.


While speaking to ELLE, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Andrea Giannitrapani, from MYA Cosmetic Surgery gave his two cents on surgeries Kylie might have done.

Breast Augmentation 

While Kylie attributed her bigger boobs to Victoria's Secret bra in 2015, Dr. Andrea thinks that's not the case. He believes she underwent surgery as her boobs have the characteristics of breast enlargement in the early stages of healing.

Hip and Butt work

Kylie's voluptuous curves have always been a topic of discussion for many. Although the "Life of Kylie" star claims her pregnancy and puberty is the cause of her shape, Giannitrapani thinks some butt and hips work, alongside fat transfer are responsible.

Regardless of the remarks on Kylie's looks, we can't deny that 22 sure looks good on her with all that money in her account! 

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