Susan Olsen Celebrates Her Birthday by Returning to the 'Brady Bunch' House (Photo)

Susan Olsen, who is most famous for playing the role of Cindy Brady in the beloved TV show "The Brady Bunch," has recently celebrated her 58th birthday.

She commemorates the special occasion by taking to her Instagram account to post a photo of the classic Brady House, which was used for the exterior shots on the show.

Along with the picture, Olsen shared a short but meaningful message: "Back to the house," which has been renovated so the inside matches the one seen on television.


The house was bought by HGTV after being put up for sale back in 2018. Singer and songwriter Lance Bass tried to purchase the house but was outbid by the network.

In July, HGTV managed to get the Brady siblings back together for "A Very Brady Renovation," an upcoming show featuring familiar faces such as Olsen, Maureen McCormick, Mike Lookinland and Barry Williams.


It has been reported that the point of the show will be the restoration of the home to its former glory, so it looks exactly like the set created for the 60s and 70s series.

The majority of the stars are not renovation experts, so they had some help as each Brady was given their own room to work on, always keeping it a surprise from the others.

The network studied every aspect and inch of the Brady House in order to bring it back to life and the actors were reportedly involved in all aspects of the renovation.

The house was bought by HGTV after being put up for sale back in 2018


According to Eve Plumb, who played Jan Brady on the show, they were even asked to help find fabrics and other sources materials. Williams was also very pleased with the result:

"It was crucial that we have everybody if we didn't have every single person on this stage on that show, no show. Very hard to do, amazing that it was done. It had to do with each of us understanding that this was a project we wanted to spend our time on."

"A Very Brady Renovation" is expected to be aired on September 9 and fans will be treated to a 90-min premiered of the fully-restored North Hollywood home.
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