Sherri Shepherd Shows off Slimmer Legs in White Minidress after Weight Loss

American actress and author, Sherri Shepherd flaunts her lovely legs in a new social media post after significant weight loss. 

Sherri Shepherd is a 52-year-old actress, comedian, and author. She recently took to her Instagram page to drop a series of photos of herself after her considerable weight loss.

The photos feature her posing up a storm with a proud smile on her face in a sleeveless, white mini dress which flaunts her now trim legs. The outfit was topped off by peach-coloured wedge heels.

“When your inside is at peace ... does anything else really matter?” she captioned the post.

The post had her fans complimenting her on how good she looks:

“When you look beautiful, love yourself and feel happy ... living the best life. Go sister,” a fan commented

“Yeessss Sheri, Beautiful,” another wrote.

The 52-year-old mother once had type II diabetes and had been struggling with excessive weight gain. However, inspired by her 13-year-old son, Jeffrey, she decided to exclude sugar from her diet and went for a keto diet earlier in 2018.

According to PEOPLE, she posted a series of personal pictures that told the story of her weight loss journey in astonishing details.

“I have never shared what my body looks like with no clothes on, but I wanted to share with you what I looked like 10 months ago and the progress I’ve made since April 2018, I went off #sugar #coldturkey in Mar 2018 and starred #keto appx [sic] June/July 2018,” she wrote.

Her caption continued with her revealing the total amount of pounds she lost since she started the diet.

According to her, she lost a total of 30 pounds reducing from her previous weight of 189 to 159, and her waist, which was previously at 47 inches dropped considerably to 35 inches.

She then added that she hoped her story would inspire others to take the necessary steps in improving their physical wellbeing.

In July 2019, she seemed to have started to gain weight again after she shared a picture of herself. She claimed it was due to her continuous traveling and eating without space for any exercises.

However, instead of viewing her slight weight gain as a setback, she saw it as a means to once more challenge herself.  She revealed that she partnered with a health and wellness company called HealthyWage to aid her on her journey to weight loss.

Beginning July 18, via her Instagram page, Shepherd challenged herself along with her fans to lose a total of 15 pounds in six months.

She added that if they joined her, HealthWage was providing cash incentives for the effort they put in.

Along with the likes of Halle Berry, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian, Shepherd is one of the latest celebrities who opted for a ketogenic diet as a weight loss plan. 

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