August 22, 2019

Salma Hayek Showcases Her Svelte Figure while Relaxing on the Beach

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Successful Mexican and American actress, Salma Hayek is a beauty to behold and continues to shimmer and shine even at 52.

The star recently shared a picture on her Instagram page, revealing her gorgeous features as she spent time immersed in the beach waters. 

Salma Hayek’s breakthrough movie role may have come in the 2002 movie “Frida,” but she has always been a beautiful woman with features and qualities to die for.


Even as she continues to grow older, the 52-year-old continues to be even more graceful, as her recent Instagram post showed. 

The beautiful actress posted a series of photos of herself immersed in the ocean waters, as she freed herself.

The Latin-American star wore a mauve-colored one-piece swimsuit, and lay on the beach sand, with her eyes closed as she allowed the beach waters to cover her every time the waves brought them towards the beach’s mouth.


Her one-piece swimsuit showcased the actress’s cleavage and sexy toned figure which was beautiful to behold. The last picture of the series (which was ten in number) showed the actress’s face and body immersed in water.

In her caption, Salma wrote:

“You just need to surrender and let the waters move and get you,” which she also translated into Spanish.

Her fans who commented on the post were in awe of her figure and showed their admiration, though a few of the comments expressed fear of water. 


The beautiful actress’s sexy body features are not the only remarkable attributes she possesses as she also has a lovely hair texture that is admired by many.

The star posted yet another picture of her gorgeous self on her Instagram page in which she showcased her voluminous curls.

In the photo, she wore a dress with red hues, matching her red lipstick and makeup. The star is proud of her hair, even as it is grey, and previously posted about how she has embraced it just as it is. 


Hayek received one of the surprises of her life when she received a call from Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, asking her to be part of British Vogue’s cover for their September edition.

The Duchess is a guest editor of the magazine and wanted to put her favorite women on the September edition in honor and support for women.

Salma happened to be one of the very first women on Meghan's list, as she (Salma) is a member of the Kering Foundation which helps to fight against women violence.

Salma felt very honored to appear on the magazine’s cover, and for the recognition given her by the Duchess and hopes it would aid her to create more awareness for women in need.