August 26, 2019

Daily Joke: A Man Gets Pulled over by the Police

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After having some fun time at the pub, a man drives himself home. He is still driving on the road when he gets pulled over by a police officer.

Driving while drunk can be very dangerous, and Law Enforcement Officers are stationed on the road to ensure that motorists obey traffic rules.

A man went to a bar to have some fun, and after enjoying himself, he entered his car to drive himself home. He had driven for a few kilometres when a police officer pulled him over for inspection.

A police officer stopped a man and asked him if he was drunk | Photo: Shutterstock


The officer greets the man and asks him if he knew why he was pulled over. The man replied by saying the officer must have thought he was drunk driving. The officer tells the man he is correct before going on to ask him a weird question.

The officer informs the man that his shift was coming to an end and that if he (the man) could spell the alphabet backward, he would allow him to be on his way without any troubles. 

A police man tried to ask a man if he was driving while drunk and it led to an hilarious conversation | Photo: Shutterstock


The man loved the question, and in a clear and calm voice, he quickly answered thus: “ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA.” The officer is impressed with the man’s quick and correct answer and now believes that he wasn’t drunk-driving.

He then confesses to the man that he couldn’t even attempt to do that if he was sober. With a shrug, the man replied:

“Yeah, me neither.”

Oh No! The secret is out. 

Enjoyed that one? Here is another joke for you:

An old woman was walking with a cane in her hand, and singing, “21 today, 21 today.” She then walked past a young man, singing the same tune.


An old woman hit a boy with her stick after he made a vain comment about her age | Photo: Shutterstock

The man upon hearing the old lady began to laugh, and yelled at her, saying:

“You are not 21, you crazy old bat.” 

The older woman then turned to him, and with a mighty swing, whacked him hard on his head with her cane. She then walked away from the rude man, and continued singing: “22 today, 22 today.”