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August 24, 2019

Jana Duggar Congratulates Twin Brother John David after His Baby's Gender Reveal

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Jana Duggar congratulates her twin brother, John David Duggar, on the announcement that his family are expecting a girl.

Jana Duggar is going to have her hands full with the arrival of another girl in the family. She shared the news on Instagram, congratulating her twin brother, John Duggar, and his wife Abbie Duggar on their pregnancy announcement. The proud aunt congratulates her twin with a loving message, saying:

“Congratulations to John & Abbie!! ??I couldn’t have asked for a better twin to go through life with than John, and their little girl is so blessed already that she got such an amazing guy for her daddy!! And seeing what a tender caretaker Abbie has been for her family and in her job as a nurse, I know she is going to be an amazing mother!! Love y’all so much!!”



Duggar posted a picture of the couple sharing a kiss, in a sweet embrace.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also reacted to the news with their own message for the couple. Their shared Instagram page reads:

“So happy for. They have a deep love for God and each other, and we know they are going to be GREAT parents! We were thrilled to find out they are having a little girl! It is going to be so special having several granddaughters/nieces born over the coming months all growing up together,”


In a picture from their gender reveal, the couple kiss while standing in a sea of confetti rising to the sky.

According to TLC, Jana helped John and Abbie plan their flight themed gender reveal party. The couple enjoy flying the Duggar plane together and had to incorporate for the special occasion. It is reported that Jeremiah Duggar flew a plane over the venue to reveal the baby’s gender.


The couple chose flight numbers that appeared in vinyl letters to indicate the gender, while pink confetti sprayed from the ground.

John and Abbie have been married since 2018, their pregnancy announcement will make this their first child. 

Congratulations to the Duggar family. The tight-knit family have another reason to celebrate this year.