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August 28, 2019

‘Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Opens up about the Special Way She’s Honoring Robert Reed

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For five years, from 1969 to 1974, the cast and crew of television hit series, “Brady Bunch” kept their many viewers glued onto the show. 

Fifty years after the very first episode aired, one of the show’s stars, Maureen McCormick, is paying tribute to a late co-star, Robert Reed.

Speaking to Closer Weekly, Maureen, who played the character of Marcia Brady in the sitcom recalled moments she shared with her co-star, Robert Reed, who acted as her character’s father, Mike Brady in the series. 

Maureen McCormick at Ace Hotel in California.| Photo: Getty Images.



Father and daughter, Marcia and Reed’s characters' close relationship in the sitcom extended outside of the show. Marcia revealed that she has a great affection for gardens, gardening, and outdoor scenery.

It thus happened that Reed had a lovely house in Pasadena, with the most beautiful rose garden she had seen.


McCormick revealed that her backyard is now filled with roses, which makes always think of the late actor. She also shared details of how the “Brady Bunch” cast celebrated the late Robert by taking out a rose planted at the Brady House when they first got there, and putting it in a special place, outside the family room in his honor. 


It is not only Robert Reed who holds a special place in Maureen’s heart among her co-stars, as she also paid tribute to Florence Henderson, who played the character of Carol Brady, Marcia’s mother, and Mike’s wife on the show.



The "Brady Brunch" star spoke about Florence to Closer Weekly while attending HollyRod Foundation’s Design Gala last month. The 63-year-old actress explained that she had learned the biggest life lessons from Florence. She revealed that she spent a lot of time with Florence before her death and that her late co-star taught her a lot about finding love in a big way.

Those lessons left a positive impact on Maureen, who explained that she has learned to find joy again in her life, even after going through so many different but, yet amazing things. 

Fifty years on after making its entry into television screens, the “Brady Bunch” remains one of the most-watched series to grace TV.

The show owes its success to the creativity and excellent planning of its creator, Sherwood Schwartz, and the acting skills of members of the cast.