Jennifer Lopez Teaches Constance Wu How to Pole Dance in New Clip for 'Hustlers' Movie

JLo would give professional pole dancers’ a run for their money. In a new clip of her upcoming movie, “Hustlers,” she showed off her pole dancing skills and nailed every move.

Jennifer Lopez has gained fame as a singer, actress, and choreographer. Now, she can add a professional pole dancer to her title, and no one will query it.


In a new trailer clip released for JLo’s upcoming movie, “Hustlers,” she showed off how good she is with a pole, with envy-inducing moves.

In the YouTube video, the “World of Dance” judge’s character, “Ramona,” shows a reasonably experienced “Destiny,” played by Constance Wu, how to make different moves on a pole.

The “Limitless,” singer showed the “Fresh Off the Boat” star’s character various moves like: the front hook, ankle hook, knee hook, carousel, peter pan, and how to spin.

JLo also showed her how to carry out a tabletop move correctly, and when her single spectator questioned if “Destiny” had the muscles to imitate the movement, the onscreen Madame, responded,

“Every girl has the muscle to do this.”


Before the release of the trailer clip, the “Shades of Blue,” star said during a press interview with her fellow castmate, Wu, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, and Keke Palmer, that her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, helped her a lot in preparing for the role. 

JLo told E! that from the beginning, after she got the part, he offered to help her. Rodriguez took the mum-of-two to strip clubs and showed her the back door used by those who want to remain anonymous. The back door got incorporated into the film.


Aside from the lessons the actress got from her man, she also trained with Johanna Sapakie. The women trained twice or thrice a week for hours, depending on JLo’s schedule, and their lessons began two and a half months before filming.

The “I’m Into You,” singer had poles in every city she had a home and created time from her then-tour schedule.

Interestingly, the “Enough” star felt sick to her stomach the first time she watched "Hustlers." Explaining her reaction in an interview, JLo said she felt terrible for the way her character and that of her co-stars treated a man in the film.

In her words,

“I was like, ‘Oh my God! What are they doing? They’re going to kill this guy.”

Despite the reaction, the “Medicine” singer has nothing but respect for the characters who she described as, “Tough, vulnerable, hard, and damaged;” a description most women can relate with. 

“Hustlers” starts showing in Theaters on September 13.

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