Florida Mom Shares Hilarious Before-After Photos of Her Daughter 1st Day of Pre-School

The first day of school is not equally exciting for all kids. A Florida mom shared a before-and-after image of her daughter's first day at school, and it looks like she had an eventful day. 

Not all kids react to the "back to school" transition in the same way. Some kids are excited to go to schools but others, not so much.

Some kids might even look excited in the beginning but end up having a rough day. Apparently, such was the case with Sophia Ranow, a Florida resident.

Sophia's mom, Ashley Ranow, shared a throwback picture of her daughter featuring a before-and-after snap from her first day at school. 


On the left side of the picture, a bubbly little Sophia dressed in a cute pink shirt and a black skirt posed with a board that read "first day of pre-k." She looks happy and ready to shine on her first day at school.

The right side of the image tells a different story. The same bubbly girl who looked excited to go to school looks disappointed. Her hair that was neatly tied up looks messy and her clothes are dirty. 

"In honor of school starting Monday... let me take you back to Sophia's before and after picture from 2 years ago," Ashley captioned the post.

Someone sure had an interesting first day at school. 


Previously, a 5-year-old girl from Scotland went viral after her mom posted some before-and-after snaps from her first day back to school.

Like any other kid, Lucie Falconer was neatly dressed up for her first day at school. In a picture shared by her mother, Jillian, she looks excited and ready to steal the day before heading out to the school.

However, a picture from when she returned from the school was completely opposite from the one taken before she left. 

Just like Sophia, her neatly done hair is a mess, her tie looks out of place, her socks have fallen, and she looks tired and grumpy. All in all, she looks like she had quite a day at school.

Her picture perfectly summed up what went down during the draining first day. 


Lucie's mom Jullian was surprised when she saw how her daughter came back home looking like she had been in a fight at school. 

"She had her skirt round [sic] her ankles almost and a bow at the back of her hair. I think her clothes were too big slightly and she was pleased to see her friends," she said

When she asked Lucie about what she did at school, she said: "Oh, nothing much."

According to her mother, little Lucie feels like a celebrity after going viral on social media. 

"She went to sit in the front seat with her car seat," Jillian shared. "When her older sister said she sits in the front because she is the oldest, Lucie responded, 'No, I'm a celebrity now.'"

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