‘The Brady Bunch’ 50 Years Later: Favorite Moments Shared by the Cast

Even though “The Brady Bunch” was canceled in 1974, it is still one of the most loved old-style family sitcoms in the US, mainly because of the beautiful chemistry the actors had.

The show chronicled the life of Mike Brady, an architect with three sons, who married Carol Martin, with three daughters. Most of the aspects addressed in the series were related to the daily struggles of the large and blended family.

"When things were tense ... Florence would just crack a joke loud with her big, loud voice."

“A Very Brady Renovation” their new project

This year, the actors who played the Brady kids in the show – Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland – got together again for the HGTV project “A Very Brady Renovation.”

The show, which will be released on September 9, will portray each actor joining some of HGTV’s most famous personalities, including “Property Brothers” Jonathan and Drew Scott and “Good Bones” Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine.

Together, they will renovate the iconic house that served as the exterior in the original series, bought by the network last summer.

In their efforts to promote the upcoming show, the original cast visited the “Today Show” to share their favorite memories while working on the sitcom.

Their favorite memories from “The Brady Bunch”

For Maureen, who played Marcia, it was singing “Together, Wherever We Go” next to her on-screen mother Florence Henderson, also known as Carol Brady.

Apart from that, she said that “just hanging out on the set” with the rest of the cast as friends, as well as spending weekends with them, was also a great experience.

As per Barry, who portrayed Greg, he chose the pilot. He admitted that, at that point, everyone was “getting to know each other” and that it set the tone for what the sitcom was.

Barry added, though, that going to Hawaii and Grand Canyon was “sure a lot of fun,” a fact that Eve, who played Jan, emphasized when she chose all the trips she took with the show as her favorite memories.

“I always liked the traveling. I still love to travel. It's one of my favorite things to do, so when we got to go to the Grand Canyon, was a lot of fun,” Eve said.

Susan and Mike, who portrayed Cindy and Bobby, respectively, agreed that working with Florence was a one-of-a-kind experience as she “livened the place up.”

“When things were tense, and we were behind schedule or something, Florence would just crack a joke loud with her big, loud voice,” Mike admitted, adding that it was special as the young actors could see the interaction between the adults.

The cast’ thoughts on the new show

According to HGTV Vice President Loren Ruch, “A Very Brady Renovation” was the “biggest show” they have done.

“When we started to dive into doing the show, we studied — I’m not kidding — almost every frame of every episode that had ever existed. So, if there was a room that ever appeared in a single episode, we would make sure it was covered here,” Loren said.

Barry, on the other hand, considers it as a “flooding of memories and nostalgia” for the actors as they are going back to the place they spent more than five years together.

Mike pointed out that working on the new show was fun because it was the first time in a long time the Brady bunch got together.

Christopher, who played Peter, said he was impressed by the fact that the house, which didn’t look like the set they used to work, was completely transformed “into the very environment that we worked on.”

So far, fans cannot wait for the extended 90-minute-long premiere on September 9, followed by three more hour-long episodes that will be released weekly.

Although knowing the actors’ favorite memories of their time working on “The Brady Bunch” was great, we would like to know your opinion, too. So, what are your favorite moments from the show?

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