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September 13, 2019

'Sister Wives' – Where the Members of This Controversial Family Are Now

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This show follows Patriarch Kody Brown, his four wives Christine, Janelle, Meri and Robin, and their eighteen children. After they made public their polygamous lifestyle, the family remained under the eye of the public and even the police have investigated Kody for bigamy, this caused the whole family to move to Las Vegas.

From the first season, the series caught the attention of the public that tuned every week to be aware of this little known lifestyle and the dramas that formed with the four wives-sisters and Kody.

In each episode, topics of interest to the public are touched, such as the time Kody spends with each wife, finances, parenting, and the audience's favorite topic: jealousy among sister wives.


Kody Brown and his four wives Christine, Janelle, Meri and Robin l Photo: Getty Images


Meri still has her bed and breakfast business in Utah called Lizzie's Heritage Inn. It also seems that she is doing very well as a LuLaRoe consultant. Mari regularly shares on Instagram photos of her successes as a consultant and how happy this makes her.


In July 2019, Mari posted a photo on her Instagram account with some words that raised a wave of comments from her followers. In it, she goes out with a man who is not Kody. A close person talks that she may be dating other men but is still "spiritually" married to Kody.


Although she has not responded to the times that followers have asked her if she has separated from Kody, Mari is aware that the success of her business depends on the acceptance she has with her followers, so even having something really serious to say, will have to wait.


Recently Janelle shared a picture on her Instagram account with a beautiful view and commented that it was her favorite place, her piece of heaven. Some followers and according to an InTouch Weekly report, you can see the property that Kody bought in Flagstaff, Arizona.


However, the family has not confirmed this location and there are no signs that any construction activity has begun. Could it be that Kody is waiting to convince his four wives to agree to live together in the same big house?


Christine is a stay at home mom, although with the other sister-wives she co-owns MySisterwife’s Closet. She remains very busy attending the show and the business plus her six children, however being co-owner of the business with Kody's other wives is not her main occupation, because her priority is always to attend the children.


In the show, you can see that her joy is to be a mom, and even when kids return from school, they arrive at Christine's who receives them and makes sure they have a snack and what they need for their homework. She really enjoys the children and her house is always full of them.


When the first season began in 2010, the audience met Kody's fourth wife and their three children from a previous marriage. It was a shock for everyone when Kody decided to divorce his first wife Mari to legally marry Robyn and be able to legally adopt her three children. They also have two children of their own who complete the family.



Robyn has not hidden her difficulty adapting to life with the other three wives and the fact that two of them have six children with Kody. Rumors that she could be the next to have a child with Kody don't stop wandering, however, nothing is confirmed.

Keep waiting for next season to elucidate so many questions that remain in the fan's minds. One of the things that keep everyone's attention is the possibility of the family facing legal problems in Arizona because polygamy is prohibited in the state. We will have to wait to know what new challenge they will face.