Grieving Dad's Plea to Other Parents after Losing Son While at Work: 'It's Later than You Think'

Dayna Remus
Mar 09, 2022
12:43 P.M.

The rat race scurries on; everyone is busy with meetings and landing promotions. Suddenly, time is up, and we have nothing but our careers left. This reality is something one dad came face to face with, in the most horrific manner.


Eight-year-old Wiley from Portland, Oregon, had lived an astoundingly full life, traveling to ten countries. He enjoyed snorkeling in Fiji, was once saved from a shark, and was incredibly smart for his age. His mom recalled:

"He was mature and understood complex world concepts like religions and different forms of politics."

Married couple Jessica Brandes and J.R. Storment with their twin boys Wiley and Oliver.┃Source: twitter.com/DailyMirror

Married couple Jessica Brandes and J.R. Storment with their twin boys Wiley and Oliver.┃Source: twitter.com/DailyMirror


His life well-lived brings comfort to the reality of the boy's short-lived existence. Of course, except that this meant he never got to realize his bold ambitions. The young boy was determined to make something of himself when he grew up.

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This enterprising nature was no doubt inherited from his prosperous parents. His mother, Jessica Brandes, was a naturopathic doctor, while his father, J.R. Storment, was a tech tycoon.

Sadly, this tenacious bloodline caused this mogul to regret how he treated his son, taking to the internet to tell his heartsore story.



Recollecting the day in 2019 when he was unaware of the heart-shattering incident that was ahead of him, Storment wrote:

"I woke up for a series of back-to-back meetings. I did a Peloton ride took an analyst call from my home office...I left that morning without saying goodbye or checking on the boys."

Later that day, while in a conference and as busy as ever, Storment got a call from his wife, informing him that one of their sons had died. The father immediately entered into panic mode, rushing to get home as fast as possible.



Arriving at the house, he could not see his child immediately due to police blocking the entrance. They did so because it is considered a possible crime scene anytime a child dies.

Once the medical examiner finished, the dad got to spend some time with his son, spending half an hour by his side and stroking his hair until they wheeled him away.

Now the family of four was a family of three – the parents and the late Wiley's twin Oliver, whose other half was now gone.



Looking back, Storment claimed that his biggest regret was working too much and not spending enough time with Wiley. Advising other parents, he penned:

"Hug your kids. Don't work too late. A lot of the things you are likely spending your time on you'll regret once you no longer have the time."

Although he wrote that he would still be working, Storment emphasized a determination to change his ways concerning his other son Oliver.



To drive his point home, Storment referenced one of his late child's favorite songs about having fun instead of always working called "Enjoy Yourself (It's later than you think)" by Guy Lombardo. Some of the lyrics read:

"You work and work for years and years; you're always on the go…Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself; it's later than you think."

This song is not only a testament to the simple wisdom of making some room for fun and family. Because Wiley loved to dance to it, the tune is also an ode to his full-of-life nature.



Beyond the memories of their son, the fact that their little boy passed away in his sleep comforted the parents. The mom expressed:

"Wiley was warm and happy and asleep in his favorite place next to someone who loved him [Oliver]. If I were to design my death, it would be exactly that."

Sleep is a precious commodity, along with money and, of course, time. It is imperative to use our time wisely – – to hug our loved ones, go out for coffee with a friend or even send someone a simple text. This act of love will let them know that you're thinking of them.

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