Grieving Mom Brings Lunchboxes to Her Kids' Gravestone after Losing Them in a Car Crash

Brittany Chalmers
Feb 22, 2022
10:20 A.M.

A woman faced a tragedy no mother should have to endure after she lost the people most precious to her in a devastating car accident. She visited their gravestones in Ontario, Canada, and shared their story with other parents.


Jennifer Neville-Lake shared a picture in 2019 that revealed what her life looked like after she lost her three children. The photo featured three lunchboxes on top of a gravestone. The site honored her beloved kids, Daniel, 9, Harry, 5, and Milly, 2.

They were killed in a collision with a drunk driver, and Neville-Lake's life has never been the same. The guilty party, Marco Muzzo, did not pay attention to a stop sign and caused a T-bone crash. He was handed a ten-year jail sentence.

Lunchboxes and balloons on the gravestones of three young kids [left]; Parents with their children before their passing [right] | Source: facebook.com/jennifer.neville.lake

Lunchboxes and balloons on the gravestones of three young kids [left]; Parents with their children before their passing [right] | Source: facebook.com/jennifer.neville.lake


On the other hand, Neville-Lake received a life sentence of longing and heartbreak. The accident claimed four lives: her three children and Gary Neville, her father.


The family was traveling in a van together when the collision occurred. Neville-Lake was watching the news in September 2015 when she recognized her minivan on the television. She immediately knew it was her family.


Police confirmed the news, and the mother's world fell apart instantly. She said she would give anything to be with them again. Neville-Lake added: "I miss my life as a mom to living children."

The now-viral image of the lunchboxes was "a tangible reminder" for others to see what remained when children were no longer there. The caption stated: "Grade 8. Grade 4. Grade 2. Or rather, should be!"



The lunchboxes were personalized for each child. The mother explained that Milly's older brother helped design her floral sack while Daniel's was stamped with 10,000 because it was his favorite number.

Neville-Lake's other son Harry had the name Fixer on his lunchbox because he loved animals, and that was the name of his beloved guinea pig. The three cases were nothing extraordinary, but they symbolized all that was lost.



Neville-Lake actively shares her story on Facebook, and the longing for her kids has not subsided. She also documents her family memories and urges people to avoid drinking under the influence, so no other parents have to face what she did.

In a post shared last year, she wrote:

"I hate that I didn't get more time with them. I want them back!!!"



To turn her grieving into something positive, Neville-Lake started a non-profit organization called Many Hands, Doing Good. It was an initiative that offered therapy through art and music.

Dedicated to youngsters who faced trauma in their lives, Neville-Lake hoped that the organization would honor Daniel, Harry, and Milly.


It is never easy to lose a loved one, and parents who have to bury their kids face an unbelievably painful nightmare. Gentry Eddings and Hadley Eddings lost their two kids in a collision caused by a drunk driver.


They were devastated by the tragedy, but the faithful couple decided to forgive the guilty party, Matthew Deans. In 2017, two years after their significant loss, they welcomed twins! The couple was immensely grateful for the double miracle.

They still carried a piece of their first two children, much like Neville-Lake, who still longed for her three kids every day. She used her loss to encourage other parents to cherish their loved ones more.

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