Gentry and Hadley Eddings with their son | Gentry and Hadley with his twins | Source: Twitter.com/InsideEdition | Facebook.com/hadley.eddings
Gentry and Hadley Eddings with their son | Gentry and Hadley with his twins | Source: Twitter.com/InsideEdition | Facebook.com/hadley.eddings

Pastor and Wife Who Lost Two Sons in a Tragic Car Crash Welcome Twin Boys

Dayna Remus
Jan 28, 2022
03:00 P.M.

Parents faced their worst nightmare, with their beloved children gone from the earth forever -- but what if something extraordinary was waiting around the corner?


A perfectly happy mom and dad, pastor Gentry Eddings with his wife Hadley Eddings, were living peaceful lives when tragedy struck. However, their faith kept them strong until two tiny miracles came along.

It was 2015 when two parents from North Carolina were in an accident along with their two children, who both passed away.



Two-year-old Dobbs Eddings died in the crash. His brother, Reed Eddings, was delivered via cesarean section but passed away days later. The parents were devastated but remained strong. Gentry's sister Amber Justice said:

"They are grieving, but grieving with hope – looking forward to the days when they will be reunited with their boys in heaven.”

One of the most significant steps they took towards healing was to follow their belief system. They lived out Matthew 18:21, 22 wherein the Bible it is claimed that Jesus said individuals should forgive others "seventy times seven," times.



Embodying the scripture to which they dedicated their lives, Gentry and Hadley forgave the man who caused the accident -- 28-year-old Matthew Deans.


This shocked the public, making headlines. Deans pleaded guilty and was charged with three years behind bars.


Beyond forgiveness, this duo did not let their babies die in vain. In 2020, they launched a campaign called #100fordobbsandreed. Taking to her Facebook, Hadley Eddings announced:

"This week marks five years since Dobbs and Reed went to heaven. We are honoring them this week with 100 acts of kindness."


Using the hashtag #100fordobbsandreed, one individual Mandey Conger Collins said she purchased breakfast for a homeless man -- one example of this initiative's impact.



Of course, no matter what parents may do, their children will always remain in their hearts. Nonetheless, in 2017, two new babies filled up some more space in their souls. Justice spoke again:

“Our hearts are bursting with joy for my brother and sister-in-law. These twins are truly little miracle angels from God.”

The twin boys' middle names were given to them in honor of their older brothers: Isaiah Dobbs and Amos Reed Eddings.



Taking to Instagram, the pastor shared an adorable photo of the newborns side by side as he held one of the babes tiny hands. The father wrote in the now-deleted post's description:

"My cup overflows. We praise Jesus for our third and fourth miracles...Two healthy and beautiful boys."

The post became quite popular, gaining 582 likes, with many in the comment section joining Gentry by turning towards their religion and thanking God.



Although eternally grateful for their tiny duo, these parents are still human, sometimes finding it difficult to face life. In a Facebook post from 2018, Hadley wrote:

"Lately, for some reason, I've been dreaming about death a lot. About my family's circumstances, about what could happen in the future, about my kids and even my dog."

However, the mother said her trust in God and appreciating what is good in life helps her get through these moments.



The family clearly embodies these values, with many authentic posts on their online platforms exuding joy. One was a now-deleted picture of Amos and his dad playing guitar together. The post reads:

"Me and my youngest buddy Amos Reed."

From the traumatic event years ago to the beautiful existence they have created since then, this couple's life has transformed. As their family friend uttered, "God is creating beauty from ashes."



As implied by this companion, Gentry and Hadley almost experienced a type of rebirth when their twins were born.

One grieving mother also went through a similar experience, but, in her case, the mom's son was reborn through the sound of a heartbeat.


Heather Clark decided to allow her son's organs to be donated after he died. This granted a little girl, 16-month-old Jordan, a chance at life via a heart transplant.

A few years later, Clark met up with Jordan's mom and put her ear to the girl's chest, bursting into tears as she heard the beat of her sons' heart.

There are many ways to effectively grief the death of someone. This healing can occur through forgiveness, using their memory for the greater good, or keeping something that reminds you of them alive.

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