Adriana Iliescu and her daughter | Source: Instagram.com/scoalasfcalinic | Facebook.com/StirileProTV
Adriana Iliescu and her daughter | Source: Instagram.com/scoalasfcalinic | Facebook.com/StirileProTV

Mother Welcomed Her First Child at 66 and Has Lived with Public Rejection since Then

Dayna Remus
Jan 26, 2022
03:00 A.M.

Many individuals beat records for feats we can not begin to fathom, finding themselves in the "Guinness Book of World Records." Adriana Iliescu also managed to make her way into the book, but the reason why will shock many.


Every day we make small decisions; what to eat, what to wear, should we binge-watch that series for 13 hours or do something productive? Normal choices.

But, sometimes, we have to make life-altering decisions, and no matter what path we choose, there will always be those that criticize. Adriana from Romania took this to a new level, facing backlash from the general public to the church.

A Failed First Attempt

As a children's author, it is no surprise that Adriana truly and deeply wanted a child. However, she was forced to have an abortion after getting married at 24 years old.


Her ex-husband was also not interested in having kids, so the duo eventually went their separate ways. This talented woman then chose to throw herself into work.

An Impossible Dream

Adriana focused on her professorship at a local university, later stating that she was too busy to have or bring up a kid at that time.

The nuns would stare at Adriana, claiming she was from a "dark force."

At 37 years old, after finishing her doctorate, she was ready to bring a baby into the world. Unfortunately, at that time, I.V.F did not exist. It was only about three decades later that the opportunity came along — and Adriana grabbed it.


Defying Norms

At 66 years old, she attempted to get pregnant via I.V.F, conceiving triplets, out of which two died in the womb. The last triplet, Eliza Iliescu, was born prematurely in 2005 and survived, with Adriana expressing:

"Today is a happy day for me because I can see my daughter. I have touched her hand, and she squeezed my finger."

However, her happiness wasn't shared by all. Many deemed the new mom selfish for having a child at such a mature age.


All Eyes on the New Parent

Bringing in worldwide commentary on the issue, the news traveled around the globe like wildfire, with many amazed at the birthing anomaly.

The Romanian mother became so prominent, finding herself in the "Guinness World Book of Records" for being the oldest mom in the world.


A Spiritual Tug of War

Of course, the attention was more infamy than fame to the point where the Romanian Orthodox Church called her self-serving. Speaking about this religious aspect, Adriana said:

"If this child is born, it is also by the will of God."

However, her religious interactions remained contentious; While having her daughter baptized, the nuns would stare at Adriana, claiming she was from a "dark force."


Coming to Her Defense

The mom has also defended her decision by claiming she has just as much energy as a woman in her late twenties and is very healthy. The professor also said that perhaps her decision to have a child serves a higher purpose:

“But maybe this was my mission, to show that women can and must have children.”

The professor also stated that she is simply like any other woman who wants a baby. In fact, in 2010, Adriana said she wanted another kid.


All Grown Up

At 83 years old, this mom has not had another child. Furthermore, she and her teenage daughter have a beautiful relationship.

The content site Brightside claims that Eliza is a fantastic student — winning numerous awards and taking after her mother's academic vigor.


Coming Out Strong

Adriana's desire to have children on such an immense level is not an isolated incident, with many women wanting babies. One mother from Uganda, however, was the complete opposite.

Sold into marriage at only 12 years old, Mariam Nabatanzi gave birth to 44 children over the years, only 38 of which survived, with her husband eventually walking out on her. However, she was happy to be free from the abuse at the hands of her husband.

Mariam Nabatanzi pictured with her massive brood. | Source: YouTube.com/Connect With Uganda

Mariam Nabatanzi pictured with her massive brood. | Source: YouTube.com/Connect With Uganda

A huge contributing factor to the number of kids she had was a rare genetic condition called "hyper ovulation." This condition means she produced an excessive amount of eggs each month.


Wanting to stop the "hyper ovulation," medical professionals cut her uterus from the inside. With a challenging life lived in four tiny iron-roofed homes, this mom does all she can to ensure a bright future for her children.

Although from completely different parts of the world, one would be lacking something if both of these women's powerful stories didn't stir something inside them. How did these true tales make you feel?

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