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Man Gets Married in Secret So He Can Adopt His 4 Nephews after Their Mom Dies in Childbirth

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 24, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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When a woman died after giving birth, she left behind three young boys and a newborn baby. Their uncle was the only family they had left, but getting guardianship wasn't easy because the woman passed away without a will.


Adoption is a beautiful phenomenon that changes the lives of adoptees and the families taking them in. The story we're sharing today will warm your heart and inspire you to step up and be the beacon of light for someone. 

Bryndon and Chloe Hill from St. Louis, Missouri, were no ordinary couple. They were young and in love, but they also had hearts of gold that deeply cared and felt for others, especially children. 

Chloe and Bryndon Hill pictured with their adopted children. | Photo: facebook.com/chloe.amor.3



In 2019, a young mother, Brittany, gave birth to her fourth child, a baby boy. She was delighted to embrace motherhood again, and she couldn't wait to raise her four sons.

But just when she thought her family was complete, something unexpected happened. The medical staff repeatedly told her family she'd be okay, but tragically, Brittany succumbed to her worsening health. 

Brittany's family was given the heartbreaking news of her demise and asked to complete the paperwork. When the children learned their mom wasn't returning, they were devastated. 


Brittany holding her youngest son, Jayce. | Photo: YouTube.com/KMOV St. Louis


Brittany's brother, Bryndon, was beside her in her last moments. He tried his best to comfort his nephews. Bryndon was accompanied by his fianceé, Chloe, who had always loved Bryndon's family and been there for them. 


Their leaky roof was also fixed, and the Surprise Squad helped raise $5,000 for their GoFundMe fundraiser. 

When Bryndon learned that his sister had passed away, he knew he had to step up and take care of the kids. He was the only family they had, and he couldn't leave them alone. But before proceeding, he had to discover how Chloe felt about his decision.



Chloe's mother, Sherri Brown, explained how Bryndon told Chloe that he knew she didn't sign up for it. "Of course, I did. This is family," was Chloe's response. Sherri further mentioned:

"The first time that I’ve seen Chloe hold the baby, it was just a very nice feeling of looking at my daughter and she looks at this baby and I could tell she was thinking 'This is my child now.'"

Brittany's children were fond of their uncle and his fianceé, and they would have loved to be with them after their mom's demise. However, getting their guardianship wasn't easy because Brittany passed away without a will.



So Chloe and Bryndon quickly sprang into action and married secretly to complete all the paperwork so they could bring the boys home. Chloe's father, Danny Brown, also added:

"Jaymond, the second boy, he has sickle cell anaemia, so if he even runs a fever, he has to go to the hospital (sic).”

Finally, the Hill couple adopted the kids and were excited to start a new life together. But something bothered Bryndon.



His family had been homeless and endured a life of struggles, and he didn't want Chloe and the boys to go through the same hardships. Their friends came forward and set up a GoFundMe account to support the Hillses.

But that wasn't all the help they received. KMOV4's Surprise Squad visited the Hill family in December 2020, and they came bearing several Christmas gifts and surprises for the family of six.

Chloe and Bryndon were dumbfounded when they received a supply of diapers, groceries, and other goodies for the whole year. Their leaky roof was also fixed, and the Surprise Squad helped raise $5,000 for their GoFundMe fundraiser. 



After discovering the series of surprises, the Hill family became teary-eyed and couldn't control their emotions. They thanked their loved ones and the community members for their unwavering support. 

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