Couple Adopts Little-Known Neighbor's Kids after She Passes and Their Community Supports Them

Ayesha Muhammad
Dec 07, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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After her cancer diagnosis, a single mother-of-three asked her neighbor if she could become the legal guardian of her kids. But when she suddenly passed away one day, the neighbor knew she couldn't leave her children alone. 


It's often said that life is what happens to us while we're busy making other plans. While nothing can fully prepare us to survive the challenging times, the kindness from a random stranger may help ease the journey to an extent. 

When she found herself amidst trying circumstances in 2017, a woman from Las Vegas was fortunate enough to receive the same treatment from her next-door neighbor. 

Tisha and her daughter couldn't believe the incredible work undertaken by the Fox5 Surprise Squad. | Photo: Lê Tuấn vlog



It all started when Audrey asked her neighbors, Tisha and Kevin Beauchmin, to watch over her children while she went to the hospital to get some tests done. The kind couple agreed, following which the three kids spent the night with them.

Soon afterward, Audrey was diagnosed with stage two esophageal and stomach cancer. Audrey knew she had to do something to secure the future for her kids, so she approached her neighbor with an unusual request.

She asked Tisha if she could become the legal guardian of her kids, should anything happen to her. Tisha, a Las Vegas bingo cashier, and Kevin, a casino worker, already had five children of their own, but they agreed to look after Audrey's kids.


Elizabeth Thames, the neighbor who nominated the Beauchmin family for the Fox5 Surprise Squad. | Photo:


While the Beauchmins had assured Audrey they would watch over her children; they never thought the temporary arrangement would become permanent soon. The couple also had limited space in their home, which was hardly enough for the seven of them.


Even though the Beauchmins thought they had done nothing extraordinary, they had helped secure the future of three children left without a mother.

Audrey's stage two cancer turned into stage four within a few weeks. She suddenly passed away, leaving behind her three kids. For the Beauchmins, turning their household of seven into ten was extremely challenging. 

Audrey passed away within a few months of her cancer diagnosis, leaving behind her children. | Photo:



Living under one roof as a big family of ten required making use of every little space available. Some children had to sleep on recliners in the living room, while others were forced to stay in makeshift beds cramped up in the corners. 

With the kids having limited space for themselves, the Beauchmins knew they'd face trouble in officially adopting them. It was then that a kind neighbor of the two families, who was well aware of the Beauchmins' living conditions, decided to help.

Elizabeth Thames reached out to the "Fox5 Surprise Squad" and nominated Kevin and Tisha's family of ten. After hearing the moving story of the Beauchmin family, the Surprise Squad decided to visit them in Las Vegas. 


Tisha and Kevin Beauchmin with their five kids. | Photo:


Tisha was surprised when she saw the Surprise Squad crew at her door one morning. After inviting them inside, she explained how she didn't want the kids to go through something she had endured, having grown up in an orphanage. She also shared: 


"They’ve been through too much. They deserve a loving family and a place to call home. I can’t lose these kids. I might not have had them in my belly, but I have them in my heart." 

After hearing how much the children meant to Tisha, the "Fox5 Surprise Squad" were deeply touched. They told the Beauchmins to leave the house, so they could put up a wall to create a new bedroom from the loft space. 

Kevin and Tisha became emotional after discovering what the Surprise Squad had done for them. | Photo:



However, the Surprise Squad had plans to do much more than that in reality. They began remodeling the Beauchmin house, completing six weeks' work in merely three to four days. It was one of the biggest projects they had ever handled. 

New furniture was brought in, coupled with brand new and cozy beds for the children. The entire Beachmin house was transformed. When the family of ten finally arrived and opened the door, they were dumbfounded. 

The children were delighted to find new beds and the perfect space for themselves. Tisha's oldest son Chad was given $1500 so he could afford an apartment on his own. They were also provided free groceries for a year and a new vehicle, courtesy of Nissan.



Tisha and Kevin became teary-eyed and couldn't stop thanking the Surprise Squad for their generosity and kindness. They could have never believed they would experience such a heartwarming miracle in their lives. Tisha also said: 


“It’s just really overwhelming that someone would do this for me and for my family. I didn’t do anything too special. I did what anyone in my shoes would have done."

Even though the Beauchmins thought they had done nothing extraordinary, they had helped secure the future of three children left without a mother. Indeed, the world needs more kind and selfless people like Kevin and Tisha. 


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