Daily Joke: Young Man Is Quietly Drinking at a Bar

People lose control when they are drunk and often end up doing stupid things. Read on to find out how a drunk man created a scene in a pub as he confronted a young man. 

One evening, a young man headed out to a pub after a long day at work. As he was enjoying his drink in the bar, a drunk man walked into the pub. 

The drunk old man could barely stand straight. Out of the blues, he pointed towards the young man and shouted:

"Your mother is the best lover I’ve ever had!” 

The pub went as silent as a grave as the drunk man continued staring at the young man.

A busy bar. | Source: Pexels

A busy bar. | Source: Pexels

Everyone could tell that a fight was underway. To their surprise, the young man simply ignored the slurs and continued drinking as if nothing had happened.

The drunk mad acknowledge the nonchalance of the young lad and went on to sit at the far end of the pub, After a while, he stood up and went closer to the man again. 

Determined to offend the young man, he yelled: "Your mum and I had a fun time, and it was sw-e-et!”

The bar went silent but once again, the young man nonchalantly sat there and sipped his drink. The drunk man went back to the far end of the bar.

After a round of drinks, he stood up again and shouted: “Your mum loved it!”

An old man drinking alcohol. | Source: Pixabay

An old man drinking alcohol. | Source: Pixabay

This time, the young man got up from the barstool and put down his drink. Clearly irate, he went closer to the old man and yelled: “Go home, dad, you’re drunk!”

Source: startsat60

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