How YouTube Unexpectedly Helped 34-Year-Old Irvy Lose More Than 100 Pounds

Following her high school graduation, Irvy started a weight-loss regime that didn’t bring too great a result. However, all that changed when she started her own YouTube channel to record her journey.

Irvy, who gained around 310 pounds at one point in time, revealed that she managed to lose 135 pounds in the beginning. However, she gained most of it back in no time.

By the year 2015, she was frustrated with her weight. She started to feel that “every aspect of [her] life was falling apart.”

As of way of motivating herself to stick to her weight-loss program, Irvy decided to start her YouTube channel and track her journey.


With the channel, she wanted nothing more than to keep herself accountable. However, the channel surprisingly had the opposite effect on her.

Rather than being uncomfortable about seeing herself in the videos, Irvy started to lose “all sense of insecurity” about her weight.

Irvy learned a lesson then. Her biggest motivation behind losing weight was society’s expectations of what the right weight is.

When she started speaking openly about her weight and body, those social expectations lost its power over her.

Eventually, she not only started gaining more pounds but also stopped uploading any more videos on her channel.


That was when the biggest realization regarding weight-loss dawned on her.

Following the epiphany, Irvy was more determined than ever. Her routine started becoming more disciplined and consistent.

She started going to the gym six days a week, where she focused on doing cardio as well as weight-lifting.


Irvy also worked on her diet. She began eating more of the lean foods including chicken, steak, veggies, and fruits, and reduced the consumption of sugar and fats.

Soon enough, she was automatically making healthier choices rather than forcing herself to stick to the weight-loss regime.

Irvy managed to lose over 118 pounds and is planning to lose 30 pounds more for the coming year. Her objective is to reach her dream weight of 160 pounds. 

Previously, a 30-year-old mom also showed a similar dramatic transformation after losing over 140 pounds in just three years and shared her journey on social media.

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