President Donald Trump's Son Eric Proudly Shares Photos of Wife Lara in Hello Magazine

Lara Tea Trump has herself a husband who is exceedingly delighted to have her in his life. Her husband, Eric Trump, shared a tweet recently expressing his pride as his wife made the pages of “Hello” magazine. 

After two beautiful adorable children and many beautiful memories shared, businessman and second son of President Donald Trump, Eric Trump, has nothing but pride for his lovely wife, Lara.

After she featured in a recent edition of “Hello” Magazine, Eric took to Twitter to state just how he felt about her recent achievement. 


The father of two shared three pictures of the pages in which Lara featured in the magazine. In his caption, Eric said he is so proud of his wife for her beautiful spread in Hello Mag.

Some of those who replied to the tweet remarked that Eric had a lovely family, while others complimented her beauty and elegance. 


Though the couple has been married since 2014, their story began after their first meeting which surprisingly was very much usual.  According to Lara, she met Eric in 2008 while they were hanging out with friends in a town in New York.

The pair happened to be the tallest of all their friends that night, thus easing the path to their friendship. Though they spoke to each other that day, it was until after three months that they went on their first date. 


Lara and Eric share a beautiful household in New York and have two children. Their first child is son, Luke, who looks so much like his grandpa. Lara recently gave birth to their second child, Carolina, who is Donald Trump’s tenth grandchild. 


Lara Trump is known to come to the defense of Donald Trump in the face of the strong criticism he usually receives. Lara, who used to be a television producer, has sponsored a lot of good stories about the President’s good deeds and accomplishments.

She is also garnering support for the President’s reelection bid as the campaign trail heats up. She holds key positions in the President’s reelection committee and campaign team and is key in their efforts to ensure that he returns to office come 2020. 

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