KUWTK Star Kim Kardashian Admits She Experiences Insecurities about Her Body 'All the Time'

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star, Kim Kardashian, admitted that she experiences body insecurities all the time. She talked to people about the issue and revealed that her insecurities are her motivation to be better.

From the red carpet to cover shoots, Kardashian spends a lot of time in front of camera lenses. The curve-hugging gowns and lingerie shoots can highlight any lapse in glamor.

Kim Kardashian talked to "People" about how she goes through body insecurities all the time. The star spoke about her new line of shapewear "SKIMS" and how it helped her overcome some moments of self-doubt. 


The reality star opened up about how she is constantly posing for the cameras. She talked about how her body reveals some cellulite or flaws in some of those shots.

"I do have cellulite. I am photographed all the time. For me, I always use it as motivation even when people are really unjustly critical. I just use it as motivation. I want to just work harder to figure out why I am feeling that way."

During the interview, the star revealed how she takes unsatisfactory shots as motivation to make herself better for the future.



The makeup mogul believes that being perfect in the eyes of everyone is impossible. To get away from thinking about being perfect and pleasing everybody, she simply concentrates on being happy and confident about how she is. 

"A few years ago, I was photographed, and I had cellulite on my thighs [wearing a bikini] in Mexico. And I was like, ‘Okay. I do not like how I look. I am going to get to the gym." she told the outlet of her experience.

When the spotlight shines on you the way it does on Kardashian, tuning out the unnecessary hate and criticism can be a crucial skill. 


Kardashian's latest shapewear brand has gone through controversy and got rebranded as "SKIMS." The brand was set to launch as "KIMONO," but claims of cultural appropriation made her change the name. 

"I use shapewear as a solution to my styling needs. I always wanted something that would smooth, and sometimes not necessarily change my shape," Kardashian told "People."

Kardashian revealed that SKIMS was a passion project, and she built the brand to resolve her own issues. "I’m so proud of the line. I’m so proud of the fabric. I made things that haven’t really been made before," she said of her one-leg bike short she designed.

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