Daily Joke: A Man Walks into a Bar and Orders Ten Shots

Sep 18, 2019
10:30 A.M.
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A man walks into a bar, is an iconic intro to a joke, and this time, the man is Larry, the handyman, and he orders ten shots of the finest scotch available. He astonishes the bartender with his actions after receiving the shots and makes his way outside to help a poor woman board the bus. Read on to enjoy the adventures of Larry, the handyman.


Larry, the handyman, walks into a bar and takes a seat in front of the barkeep. He looks at the staff with a serious look and says, "I would like ten shots of the best single malt scotch that this place has to offer." 

The bartender is already taken aback with the ten shot request but proceeds to pour Larry the shots. After the table is set for Larry's liver to choke itself, the bartender stands in front of him to see what happens next.

A bar | Source: Unsplash.com



Larry takes the first glass and pours the liquor on the floor. Seeing such good alcohol go to waste, the bartender gasps, "what are you doing sir?"

Larry looks at the bartender and says, "I'm going to pay for what I drink and what I spill, so shut it!" The bartender has no place to speak and stays quiet. 

A bartender making a drink | Source: Unsplash.com


Larry takes the last glass from the row and pours it down on the floor as well. The bartender stays quiet about the spill but asks Larry what he was doing. 

"Well, the first shot always tastes horrible, and the last one makes me sick!"

A line of shots | Source: Unsplash.com



After Larry chugs the shots, he wiggles his way out of the bar and to the bus stop. When the bus arrives, he notices a young woman walking towards the bus

Dressed in a pencil skirt, the girl has some difficulty making the large step to board the bus. In an attempt to make it easier, the girl reaches behind her and unzips her skirt a little bit to make room for some movement. 

A girl dressed in a pencil skirt | Source: Unsplash.com


When it doesn't work, she unzips it a little more but to no avail. She tries once again, but before she can get to her zipper, the next person in line grabs her by the waist and places her up onto the bus.

She turns around and screams, "How dare you? You can't just grab someone you've never met!"

Larry sighs and says, "Well, ma’am, ordinarily I would agree with you but after you unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured we were friends."

A bus parked at the bus stop | Source: Unsplash.com

Had a good laugh? Share the story with your friends and have and remind them not to order ten shots at the bar. Read on to find out what happened when a man drank martini after martini but kept saving the olives.