September 18, 2019

Man Slammed for Telling His Daughter He Will Not Walk Her down the Aisle with Her Stepdad

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A man has drawn the wrath of Reddit Users after narrating his story to them and asking for their opinion. The man in question asked if he was in the wrong for refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle in tandem with her stepdad. 

Reddit users didn’t mince words in airing their opinions to a user who wished to know if he had erred with his actions. The users were irked by the man’s reluctance to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

A father walking down the street with his daughter.| Photo: Getty Images.



The man told his story to fellow users on the social media platform, Reddit, and sought to know if he had messed up. According to him, he and his wife divorced when his daughter was six years old.

The man’s ex-wife held custody of their daughter for most of the time, due to the man’s availability as he was always busy at work. The ex-wife soon went on to have a relationship with a man seven years younger than she was.

Her new partner happened to have a close relationship with her daughter and was always available for her. This disturbed her ex-husband (the storyteller), who regretted that he couldn’t have that sort of relationship with his daughter.


A father and his daughter laughing together.| Photo: Shutterstock.

He thus made his daughter promise him that she would never call her stepfather dad, and not to betray him since he was her only father. The issue at hand now is that his daughter, now grown-up is about to get married and wants him to walk her down the aisle alongside her stepfather.


This infuriated the man, who said she had previously promised him that he would be the one to do her that honor. He thus told her that he wouldn’t want to share such with another man who he barely knew.

His daughter got disappointed and told him that he was petty over an old issue, to which he replied that she could have her stepdad walk her down the aisle, but he wouldn’t be there to witness it. 

Father and daughter play with a digital tablet at an Estée Lauder store.| Photo: Getty Images.



The users who read the man’s story lambasted him for making such a decision and told him that he was wrong. They also said to him that he was spoiling his daughter’s special day with his ego and that he should be happy that she had someone who was able to take care of her much more than he could have ever done.

Thus, they feel he should be appreciative and take the walk with her stepdad rather than being a crybaby. 


The man’s story has a similar tone to that of a girl asking if she was wrong to refuse her biological father from walking her down the aisle after he lost contact with her when she was ten.


A father walking his daughter down the aisle.| Photo: Getty Images.

The girl’s father and mom divorced, and her mom remarried another man who took care of her from that age. Now her father has regained contact with her and also paid for her wedding, but she still refused to do him the honor of walking her down the aisle, instead preferring her stepdad who raised her all those years her father was absent in her life. 

There is also the case of another girl who wanted to know if she should allow her mother to walk her down the aisle alongside her stepdad. Both of them raised her, but they divorced after almost twenty years of marriage, though the girl and her stepdad share a close relationship.