'Counting on' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Criticized after Photo of 1-Year-Old Son with 'a Little Coffee'

Joy-Anna Duggar has become the subject of widespread criticism after she shared a picture of her little son drinking coffee. Surprisingly, a significant number of netizens seem to find the post harmless. 

A few days ago, Joy shared three pictures of her one-year-old son, Gideon with her massive fan following on Instagram.

As expected, the images gained attention, but it soon became a controversial subject as fans labeled Joy's parenting a somewhat careless one. 


In the first picture, little Gideon, who is the product of Joy's two-year marriage to Austin Forsyth is drinking from a cup of coffee. The adorable snap was taken outdoors and had the youngster dressed in comfy wear.

The other two are no less adorable with the second featuring the cup away from Gideon's mouth this time. In the third, however, the coffee is absent and only features a smiling Gideon playing with a toy while seated on the bare grass. 

As adorable as the pictures are, netizens couldn't ignore the fact that the one-year-old is being fed caffeine. The objection is seemingly fuelled by Joy's statement in the caption, which shows that she had willingly given Gideon the cup of coffee.

The caption reads:

"A little coffee to get him through the day. Or maybe not... he already has more energy than I can keep up with. #nocoffeeforhim #somuchenergy #GideonMartynForsyth." 

While many may argue that there is the "no coffee for him" hashtag, a few would note that the young mother had given him the coffee, to begin with, and that her reason for withdrawing it is because "he has more energy than I can keep up with."

The comments section is filled with criticism of the famous "19 Kids and Counting" star. One fan wrote:

"Cute shot but you don't give a one-year-old coffee or pop (soda)."  

Another commented:

"He is too young for Coffee."

While one shared:

"Ha, I'm European, and we definitely don't give children coffee!"


Amidst the many critiquing comments, it can be noticed that a significant number of the comments are supportive. So far, the picture has amassed over 50,000 likes showing that some indeed find the post a harmless one. 

A fan commented:

"Come on momma's stop being so judgy. We have enough criticism from the world. All our kids take sips of our drinks. Bites of our food. Heck, my youngest would steal everyone's coffee when he was that age. He still does."

Positive comments like this one seem to overshadow the negative ones as mothers like Anna fondly share how their children love to have whatever mama has.

They have thus, labeled the post a cute and humorous one even going on to boldly bash the harsh comments. Lucky Joy!

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