Freddie Mercury's Last Love Jim Hutton Thought He Would Inherit the Artist's House – He Did Not

Junie Sihlangu
Oct 21, 2021
04:07 P.M.
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It's probably public knowledge now that the late Freddie Mercury was in a relationship with a man named Jim Hutton. However, he never openly announced his sexuality and left most of his wealth to his ex-fiancé.


Freddie Mercury had a longtime partner in Jim Hutton, but they were extremely private about their lives and relationship. Only after the Queen frontman died were fans able to get a better glimpse into their lives.

Hutton released his memoir in 1994, which included intimate images of him and Mercury. Despite their relationship, the legendary singer still left most of his wealth to his ex-fiancé, Mary Austin.

Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury during Mercury's 38th birthday party at the Xenon nightclub in London, the United Kingdom in September 1984 | Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images



Mercury was 24 when he met Austin in 1969. She was working at Biba, an English boutique, while the future star was still an aspiring singer and hadn't become one of the biggest rock stars in the world.

In 2013, Austin told Daily Mail how intrigued she was by him, especially his confidence. Soon they began dating, and in 1973, the singer shocked her by presenting a jade ring as a proposal –she said yes.



Mercury adored Austin and even released the song "Love of My Life," which she inspired to show his affection. If that wasn't enough to show his love, the star also took her to meet his parents.

Sadly, the pair were never meant to walk down the aisle because their wedding was called off when Mercury came out as bisexual. However, they remained close, and he even bought her a house.



Hutton first met Mercury in 1985 at a gay London nightclub called Heaven. The singer offered to buy the Irish hairdresser a drink, and by then, the artist was already a superstar but wasn't recognized.

Hutton rejected Mercury's offer until they met again a year and a half later. During the 1994 interview, the singer's future lover recalled seeing Mercury at a nightclub, and the three years older man offered him a drink once again.


This time Hutton accepted the offer, and they began dating. Less than a year later, the star's boyfriend moved into the singer's Garden Lodge mansion but kept his job as a hairdresser, and Mercury never came out as gay.


Hutton was one of the lucky people who got to witness iconic moments in Mercury's life. This included his 1985 Live Aid performance, which left the hairdresser "gobsmacked" as he saw his partner's stage presence.



In 1987, Mercury was diagnosed with HIV. Hutton stayed by his side throughout that heartbreaking ordeal, and friends like Joe Fanelli, Austin, Mercury's cook, and Peter Freestone, his assistant, took turns to nurse him.

Hutton initially wanted the star to get a second opinion, but instead, the musician gave him a way out, telling him he could leave. The hairdresser responded by insisting that he wasn't going anywhere.



According to Vanity Fair, Hutton recalled how debilitated Mercury became in his last days that he couldn't stand. However, he still asked to see his beloved art collection one last time, with Hutton stating:

“It was 6 A.M. He wanted to look at his paintings. ‘How am I going to get downstairs?’ he asked. ‘I’ll carry you,’ I said. But he made his own way, holding on to the banister."



Hutton stayed with Mercury for seven years until the singer died from complications related to AIDS on November 24, 1991, aged 42. The pair had even worn wedding bands to symbolize their union.

When the Queen frontman passed on, Hutton had assumed he'd get to keep the house, but he was in for a shock. Mercury's death spun the hairdresser's life around in an unexpected way.



The Garden Lodge mansion that Hutton had lived in with Mercury was left to Austin! According to Bustle, after the iconic star's death, Austin allegedly kicked him out of the home.

However, he reportedly received $600,000 and then relocated back to his native Ireland. The amount he received was allegedly the same as the ones Fanelli and Freestone got.


Hutton was surprised when he didn't get the mansion as he claimed Mercury had assured him it would be his. Austin also got the singer's entire fortune, minus bequests to family, some friends, and staff members.

One of them was that it helped him [Jim Hutton] deal with the grief of losing [Freddie] Mercury.

His ex-fiancé also got half of all of Mercury's future earnings from Queen's royalties. The other half of that money was split between the late musician's parents and his sister, and Austin got to scatter Mercury's ashes.



On New Year's Day in 2010, Hutton sadly passed away at 60 from lung cancer, just three days shy of his next birthday. Hutton had tested positive for HIV in 1990, long before Mercury.

While the singer battled the same syndrome, it took Hutton a year to confess his diagnosis. The musical genius' longtime partner died in his hometown of Carlow, Ireland.

Freddie Mercury in a portrait for Japanese music magazine "Music Life" in Tokyo, Japan in 1985 | Photo: Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images

Before his death, Hutton released a book titled "Mercury and Me," which detailed his relationship with the "Bohemian Rapsody" singer. In it, he also shared his dislike of Austin.

In an interview the hairdresser gave shortly after the book was released, he explained the different reasons for writing it. One of them was that it helped him deal with the grief of losing Mercury.