H&M under Fire Again for Featuring Young Black Model Whose Natural Hair Is Allegedly Not Styled

H&M is being attacked on social media for the umpteenth time but this time, for featuring a young black model without properly tendering to her hair. 

It looks like the clothing line H&M has managed to piss off the black community once again after they released their new fall line. According to theshaderoom, the fashion company got a beautiful young black girl to model one of the sweatshirts in their fall line. 

However, it was a huge mistake as many failed to focus on the clothing but instead pointed out their negligence at adequately tending to the black girl's hair. 

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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ ______________________________________ #TSRReactionz: It looks like #H&M is back on the hit list of the black community, and this time it’s for a hairstyle. ______________________________________ H&M recently released its new line of fall sweaters and sweatshirts, featuring a diverse lineup of models. One model, a young black model, is featured in a sweatshirt but unlike the others, does not have their hair styled. Some feel the company purposely did not style the hair in order to appease the natural hair community, and some are blaming the parents. Regardless, it’s admirable and absolutely beautiful that this child is rocking that natural hair! ______________________________________ SWIPE to see what #Twitter had to say, and let us know your thoughts in the comments, #Roomies! 👀👇🏾 (📸: @hm )

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Twitter users were swift to note that every other model had their hair properly styled except the young black girl, and that left many angered. 

Social media users aired their views with some suggesting that it was a deliberate move by the company who most likely wanted to appease the black community. Others, however, disagreed and even went as far as blaming the young model's parents for allowing such. 

One Twitter user said, 

"H&M really doesn't respect us and these Black parents just be letting it happen for a measly check. Shameful." 

Another wrote, 

"Just out of curiosity I went to H&M website to see what all the other little girls on there look like" 

Regardless of it all, it takes courage to have a young girl wear her natural hair boldly as this beautiful model did. However, this is becoming a regular occurrence for the brand who received a massive backlash last year for advertising in a way many perceived as racist.

The brand was dragged after putting up the picture of a young black boy wearing a sweatshirt with the words, "coolest monkey in the jungle" boldly written on it. 

Celebrities like LeBron James and Sean "Diddy" Combs also lent their voice on the topic and chastised the company for the oversight made by them. 

At the time, the Swedish brand quickly issued a statement expressing how sorry they are. They wrote, 

"We have got this wrong, and we agree that, even if unintentional, passive or casual racism needs to be eradicated wherever it exists." 

Not long after, the young boy's mother made a statement that it was not a big deal for her son to model the sweatshirt and also asked people to "get over it."

Although this new case might be slightly different from that of the young boy, it is still a case of the black community versus H&M. Hopefully, social media users are able to "get over it." 

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