Joke: Three Unemployed Factory Workers Decide to Get a Job at the Food Company

A major food company was looking to expand its production and was hiring new workers. Three unemployed workers jumped at the opportunity and applied. Here's how their shift started in the cereal division. 

Three unemployed men heard about a large food company which was hiring and went to see if they could land themselves a job. They filled out the application forms and went ahead for their interview.

All three of them managed to get hired and were awaiting instructions for their tasks. 

A food manufacturing plant | Source:

A food manufacturing plant | Source:


Before the three men could start their work, the foreman of the company came up to the hiring boss that he didn't think the three could perform in the company. 

He said, "One of the workers apparently snapped in his last job." and there was a chance he would do the same here. 

"The other had craked up after serious mental stress and he is unreliable. The third worker seemed to be their father and seems like an odd fellow."

Factory workers on duty | Source:

Factory workers on duty | Source:


The hiring boss acknowledged the foreman's concern and said, "We'll make them start with something easy and let them work their way up to the normal job. How does that sound?"

Seeing the prospect of future re-assessment, the foreman shook his head in agreement and said, "I guess that's okay."

The boss looked up the working schedule and said,

"Put them in the cereal department. I'm sure Snap, Crackle, and Pop would fit right in!"

Time for a bonus joke, what happens when a company is laying off one of its four employees protected by quotas? Here's a hilarious example of how an employee saved his job in the last minute. 


A boss gathered four of his employees and told them, "There have been some budget cuts, and I'm afraid one of you will have to leave the company."

A manager calling a meeting | Source:

A manager calling a meeting | Source:

The four workers freaked out, and an African-American employee said, "I'm a protected minority." The female worker followed up with, "I'm a woman." 

A senior employee said, "Fire me, buster, and I'll sue you with age discrimination so fast, it'll make your head spin." All three of them looked at the helpless white male employee who thought for a moment and said, "I think I might be gay..."

Working doesn't seem like the daunting task after reading these stories. Here's another story about when a man applied to be a signalman for a local train station.  

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