Halloween Craft Ideas to Do with Your Children or Grandchildren This Year

Holidays present loved ones with opportunities of doing fun and creative things while spending quality time together. With Halloween around the corner, there are many batty, bright, and traditional DIY ideas loved ones can try to spice up celebrations.

Want to try something different this Halloween? Here are some fun, easy craft ideas anyone can sink their teeth into. 


A mother and her children carving pumpkins for Halloween. | Source: Flickr.

A mother and her children carving pumpkins for Halloween. | Source: Flickr.

Carving out pumpkins with some personal flair can be fun for the family to enjoy together. Apart from the obvious ingredient needed, only a few additional eating utensils are required to create the ultimate Jack-o-lantern.

A knife can make the cuts needed while a spoon will help get rid of the pumpkin flesh inside so there is space for the lights or candle to light up your creation.


Turn empty milk or glass jugs into perfect Halloween ghosts by using everyday products at home, and some mini lights.

All one needs are some rocks to put into the jug or bottle so it doesn't tip over, a knife to cut a hole in the plastic jug or to cut the tape on a glass bottle to size, a sharpie marker, a pencil, and your imagination.


Floating ghosts are a fun project for the adventurous and add to the creep factor of Halloween decorations. One can get creative with the materials needed as long as the fabric used for the "body" is lightweight and almost transparent. The head can be from a Mannequin or any round lightweight object like a styrofoam ball.

To put it all together will require glue, tacks, scissors and a stake, etc. to attach the head too, and it can be perched anywhere seen as suitable for maximum effect.


When deciding on a mask, the possibilities are endless. Unleash the animal in you with a felt animal mask that can be used again. 

A young girl with a bat inspired Halloween mask. | Source: Shutterstock.

A young girl with a bat inspired Halloween mask. | Source: Shutterstock.

Little ones can have fun with printable DIY masks to please a variety of tastes, from pumpkins to cats they can choose their favorite and color it themselves.

Paper plates can turn into the perfect mask and is a fun way for kids to create their look this Halloween. With no additional supplies needed, other than what is already at home, it can be an enjoyable project to do at any time.

If you feel like embracing nature this Halloween, a nature mask might do the trick. Use a mask template of choice and gather flowers, leaves and similar to create a unique and beautiful mask.


Hanging bats used as Halloween decorations. | Source: Shutterstock.

Hanging bats used as Halloween decorations. | Source: Shutterstock.

Turn your porch into a bat cave with easy to make fluttering critters for the ultimate trick-or-treat welcome this Halloween. Quick and easy to make, the bats make perfect decorations and require no additional bedazzling.

Supplies needed after printing the template include scissors, thick black paper, and removable hooks or painter's tape. Make as many bats as required and play around with how they are hung for the optimal effect.


To adorn the front door with Halloween spirit, can be a creative way to add to holiday decorations. Surprise trick-or-treaters with a candy wreath made from black, yellow, and orange candy.

Halloween-themed wreath made with mini pumpkins. | Source: Shutterstock.

Halloween-themed wreath made with mini pumpkins. | Source: Shutterstock.

A mini pumpkin wreath gives a neutral and natural option that steers away from the typical color scheme of black and orange. Made from mini white painted pumpkins on a grapevine wreath, it will great on any front door.

For a more hands-on approach, a DIY wreath made of circled skeleton hands might be so effectively creepy, that it could scare one away from your own front door this Halloween.

Making a bright spider web wreath is fun to make and a festive way to welcome trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.


Baking and creating Halloween treats is something the whole family can do together. Making holiday-themed cupcakes is not only delicious but also easy.

Oreo Spider Cupcakes not only look appealing but taste great too, and is bound to get chocolate lovers hooked. While on the topic of creepy, monster cupcakes with cotton candy for "hair" might look more adorable than scary.

For the spooky effect, Ghost cupcakes will add variety to Halloween treats. The cupcakes can be made from any flavor using the recipe of your choice and feature candy-topped confections.

The candy corn cupcakes are sure to turn heads and delight tastebuds. With tasty ghost-themed yellow decorations and swirls of orange in every bite, they will disappear quickly.

Cupcakes decorated for Halloween in yellow and orange. | Source: Shutterstock.

Cupcakes decorated for Halloween in yellow and orange. | Source: Shutterstock.

Cupcakes that require little decoration, are those made from pumpkin. They are easy to make and the perfect Halloween treat.

Complete holiday treats with cupcakes from the witches' brew. Although a spell won't be needed to make them taste great, they will resemble her cauldron once decorations are done.

Halloween black cupcakes with a cherry filling will have your tastebuds asking for more. While the dark color is representative of the holiday, it shares no other traits with the spooky day.

While many people might enjoy gearing up with the spooky holiday, getting ready for costume parties, or looking forward to trick-or-treating, its been a holiday a celebrated for hundreds of years.

It might lead one to wonder where the idea came from and how the tradition originated, and what else the interesting history of Halloween entails.

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