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October 03, 2019

Video of Black Officer 'Fixing' Amber Guyger's Hair during Murder Trial Receives Severe Backlash

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A video of a black officer "fixing" Amber Guyger's hair during her murder trial receives major backlash as it seems she's "pampering" a convicted murderer. 

A Black law enforcement officer is being criticized online after she chose to stroke the hair of former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger just minutes after she was found guilty of murdering 26-year-old Botham Jean in his own apartment. In the controversial video, the police officer is seen stroking the hair of Guyger and making sure it was properly fixed. 

Guyger, 31, previously testified about what happened, saying that she walked into the apartment of 26-year-old PwC associate Botham Jean thinking it was her apartment. Thinking Jean was a burglar who was watching TV on her couch, she shot and killed him on September 6, 2018. 



The Controversial Video Clip

A news channel recorded the police officer doing the act just moments after Judge Tammy Kemp read the guilty verdict in court. Noticing the behavior, filmmaker Tariq Nasheed tweeted the footage, saying: "There was some subtle mammying going on in the courtroom in the Amber Guyger case today."

People on social media began echoing his statements on social media, saying:



The Tragic Case of Botham Jean

Amber Guyger's murder of Botham Jean made headlines last year, as it was only the second time in 45 years that a Dallas police officer was indicted for murder. At the time, the grand jury chose to indict Guyer for murder, though she was originally charged with manslaughter. 

Amber Guyger at the court room awaiting the jury's verdict | Source: Twitter/The Onion


After shooting Jean in his own apartment thinking he was a robber, she then realized she got off on the wrong floor. Her apartment was directly above Jean's, just one floor up. 

According to Guyger, she shot Jean after he refused to obey her commands. She had just finished her shift and was still wearing her police uniform and carrying her gun.


Realizing Her Mistake

Once her victim was down, she turned on the lights to call 911, which was when she realized she was not in her apartment. She shot the unarmed man inside his own home. While she tried to perform first aid on Jean, it was too late. 

Now, Guyger awaits her sentence after she was given a guilty verdict by the judge. Meanwhile, people are still waiting for explanations as to why the other police officer in question decided to stroke Guyger's hair as she sat down, soaking in the guilty verdict given to her by the court. 


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