October 03, 2019

'Law & Order: SVU' Star Ice-T Poses with 'His Girls' Wife Coco & Daughter Chanel in Matching Outfits

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Coco Austin recently posted a cute family photo with her husband, Ice-T, and daughter, Chanel, who were all wearing color-coordinated outfits.

Ice-T smiled with his wife, Coco Austin, and her mini-me daughter, Chanel, while in matching outfits. Austin posted the family photo on her Instagram with the caption: "Ice and his girls."

The mother-daughter-duo wore matching Chanel shirts and red capri pants, while the rapper rocked a pair of red shorts, a red cap, and a shirt of the same color scheme.



Their family day out was not the first time Chanel and her mom wore twinning outfits in public. In fact, they have worn matching outfits a couple of times and looked cute.

As early as 2017, the toddler was dressed similarly as her mom on a trip to Miami beach. The girls wore matching polka dot swimsuits as they basked under the sun and enjoyed the day.


The two girls wore yet another matching swimsuit earlier this year during their vacation in Punta Cana. After that, going to the beach in similar outfits became a staple for Austin and her daughter.


It's been almost two decades since the actor and his wife tied the knot, yet through the years they managed to stay in love with each other and were blessed with a daughter.

Ice-T and Coco Austin celebrate the launch of Sunset Overdrive. | Source: Getty images


He approached Austin and asked her if she would "consider dating a gangster rapper," to which the model didn't know what to say but thought he was nice.

Their three-year-old even brought the couple closer to each other and allowed them to have a more profound admiration for being a parent. Austin revealed to E! News:

"I already love and cherish Ice, but now I love and cherish Ice in a total father way. I see him with Chanel and I just melt because they love each other and for the next year I want to build a bond for us."

Ice-T, Coco Austin, and Chanel Nicole at the Rookie USA fashion show. | Source: Getty Images



The couple decided to get married only after two months of being together, yet they managed to have one of the strongest bonds in Hollywood. They met on set as Ice-T was shooting for a video and Austin was modeling. 


The actor was having a bad day at that time, and so his friend somehow meddled and stepped in to make the two met. Ice-T shared:

"I was on a movie set and I was grumpy that day. And my boys saw her — she was on the set working — and they said, 'Well, this will cheer Ice up. Let's put her over near him just so he'll have something to do.' And I've been, you know, something to do for [17 or 18] years."

Coco Austin and Ice-T attend Friends of The Saban Community Clinic's 42nd Annual Gala. | Source: Getty Images

He approached Austin and asked her if she would "consider dating a gangster rapper," to which the model didn't know what to say but thought he was nice. Ice-T then replied, "Well baby, if you kate the 'n' off nice, you get Ice."