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Here's How Ice-T's Friends 'Made an Exception' When They 'Introduced' Him to Coco

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 01, 2019
03:11 P.M.
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Ice-T and Coco Austin met on a movie set almost two decades ago. If Ice-T and his friends didn't break one of his rules, they never would have even started talking.


Ice-T spoke to Howard Stern on the "Stern Show" and revealed just what rule he put aside that allowed him to meet his current wife. 

About 18 years ago, Ice-T was shooting a video and Coco was doing modeling on the same set. That day, Ice-T was a bit grumpy and his friends wanted to cheer him up. 


Ice-T is proud to tell the story

He explained how it happened: 

"I was on a movie set and I was grumpy that day. And my boys saw her — she was on the set working — and they said, 'Well, this will cheer Ice up. Let's put her over near him just so he'll have something to do.' And I've been, you know, something to do for [17 or 18] years."

Here's the twist — Ice-T doesn't usually take to using a wingman, or several for that matter. He told Stern that he "likes to do his own fishing." This one time, allowing his friends to help really paid off. 

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin | Photo: Getty Images


At first, he scared her off

"Wow!" was all Ice-T could say when Coco showed up directly in front of him, scaring her away instantly. "I'm like, 'holy [expletive], what the [expletive] just happened?' " the rapper asked himself.

A "stunned" Ice-T was now determined to try something new. He walked up to Coco and apologized, saying he was "thrown off guard" due to her being so "drop-dead gorgeous." 

Ice-T and Coco Austin attend a TV Guide Event in January 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


He then asked, "Have you ever considered dating a gangsta rapper?" The self-admitted "valley girl" knew little of what that label meant. She responded by asking Ice-T if he was a "nice" one. 

Then he charmed her in 

Ice-T then came up with the pick-up line that may have nipped his woman in the bud. "Well, baby, you take the 'n' off 'nice' and you get 'Ice,' " he said. After that, the two dated, making things work through the long-distance challenges at the start. They got married mere months later.

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin at a party | Photo: Getty Images


During the interview, Ice-T credited Sharon Osbourne with helping him to realize just how much he needed Coco to be, not just his personal partner, but also his professional one. 

The pair now work as a team

Coco made an appearance on "Law & Order: SVU" in 2008. Then from 2011 to 2013, the two had their own reality show called "Ice Loves Coco." Ice-T has also helped his wife in promoting Licious, her clothing line. 

In another interview with NUVOtv, Ice-T dismissed an obvious assumption and revealed that the first thing he noticed about Coco was her teeth because she was so close to his face. It's only when she turned around that he observed her other assets.


Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin appear at the Mount Airy Casino Resort in March 2017 | Photo: Getty images

At 61 to Coco's 40, the pair are an unlikely couple in more ways than one, but it appears they're still perfectly matched after all these years. They welcomed baby Chanel in November 2015 and Ice-T has two grown-up children from previous relationships. 


And they're still reaching new levels

The actor recently got excited about something that he hasn't experienced before throughout his career. He made his way onto "Jeopardy!" in a recent episode and apparently it was all he could ask for.

On the episode, host Alex Trebek said: “Mom is Coco, baby is Chanel and Dad’s this rapper on ‘Law & Order: SVU Cop. Now back to her baby and her 460,000 followers." 

Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin | Photo: Getty Images

"Who is Ice-T," a contestant answered correctly. The hip hop legend called the moment the "pinnacle of [his] career" when he responded on Twitter. We wish him endless success both in the industry and in his personal life.