Daily Joke: A Man Tries to Hitchhike to Get out of the Pouring Rain

Today’s #jokefortheday will surely give you an eerie feel before laughing your heart out, thanks to the hitchhiker who was desperate for a ride amid a thunderstorm.

It was the middle of a dark stormy night when a hitchhiker was walking down the side of the road, desperately hoping for a car to come. The rain was so hard that it hit almost zero visibility.

Time passed by, yet no cars passed by. Finally, the hitchhiker saw a car approaching very slowly in the frightening rain. It came slowly and silently before reaching a halt beside him.

Despite having second thoughts, the desperate hitchhiker jumped into the car and closed the door. Upon entering, he noticed that no one was behind the wheel, and no engine sound could be heard over the pouring rain.

However, the car continued to move at a slow pace, terrifying the guy even more. The hitchhiker wanted to jump and make a run for it but fear kept him seated and in place. 

Slowly, the car was approaching a sharp curve, yet he could not find it in himself to jump out; and so he began to pray for his life like he never did as he was sure the ghost car would fall off and drown in the river.

Just before the ghost car reached the curve, a shadow-like figure appeared by the window, and a hand came out of thin air and stirred the wheel towards the curve before disappearing again.

At this point, the hitchhiker was paralyzed with fear as the hand would reappear for every curve the car reached. Finally, the guy gathered all the courage and jumped out of the car, running through the thunderstorm.

He ran and ran until reaching a lighted tavern with men having drinks. Still shaking, he ordered two shots of whiskey and told everyone of his eerie experience.

Everyone fell silent and got goosebumps after realizing that the guy was utterly sober and honest. Half an hour passed, and everyone was still thinking about the supernatural encounter of the guy.

As the rain continued to pour, two guys walked into the tavern. One guy then looked at the hitchhiker, then told his friend:

“Look Billy Bob; there’s that idiot that rode in our car while we was pushing it in the rain.”

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