October 11, 2019

Daily Joke: Man Writes a Letter to His Ex after Breaking off Their Engagement

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A man who ended his engagement with his bride-to-be had a huge reason to reconsider his actions and duly wrote a letter to the ex, asking her to come back. 

A man named John was feeling terrible after breaking up with his fiancée, Susan, and made efforts to get her back in the days that followed. One of such shot taken by John was a letter written to Susan, pleading with her to take him back. 

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In the letter, John called Susan his dearest, and sweetie of his life. He then stated he had remained desolate and devastated since ending their engagement, and asked her if she would consider returning to him.

John added that Susan held a special place in his heart, a place where no other woman could fill. He also wrote that he would never be able to marry a woman like Susan, adding that he needed her so much.

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John ended his plea letter by asking Susan if she could forgive him and let them create a new beginning. After signing off the letter, John added a cheeky note which revealed his true intentions for wanting to get back to Susan. 

In the note, he wrote:

“P.S: Congratulations on you winning the state lottery.”

It would be anyone’s guess if Susan went back to her pleading ex-fiancé.

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Enjoyed that? Here is another incredibly hilarious joke:

A couple was embroiled in an argument and stopped talking to each other for some days. Their only way of communication was through the exchange of notes.

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A day came when the man needed the help of his wife for something. He handed her a note which requested her to wake him up at 6 am the next morning. 

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The man woke up the next morning and was shocked to see that it was 9 am. Furious, he made to speak to his wife but paused when he saw a note on her pillow. The note read:

“Wake up, it’s 6!”

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