Man Who Wants to Choose Dog over Nephew as the Ringbearer at His Wedding Sparks Debate

The home of amazingly entertaining memes and forums, Reddit, spat out another jewel that sparked a debate in its "Am I The [Expletive]" forum. Here's the tale of a man that wants his dog to be the ring bearer instead of his nephew at his wedding. 

On October 16, a user by the name "father of the dog" posted on Reddit's AITA forum. He inquired if he was a bad person for choosing his dog to be the ring bearer instead of his 10-year-old nephew. 

The user described the situation as "uncomfortable" after his fiancée's sister and husband found out that their dog, Shelley, was supposed to do the honors.

A dog's paw on top of a couple's hands | Source:

A dog's paw on top of a couple's hands | Source:


The user mentioned in his query that the soon to be married couple had their dog with them throughout their relationship, and it had proper training. The user mentioned that he had gotten the canine from the pound as soon as they started dating, which was four years ago. The couple wanted her to be a special part of the wedding. 

He went on to add that he had spent a lot of time training Shelley for the big day and had even bought her a funny dog t-shirt for the wedding. 

A couple talking a walk with their dog | Source:

A couple talking a walk with their dog | Source:

The couple had decided that Shelley would bear the ring beforehand. However, the situation became awkward after the bride-to-be's nephew asked if he could bare the ring at a family barbecue. 


The couple apologized to the young boy and told him that the position of ring bearer had been filled. They went on to add that he could help with something else if he wanted to. 

After the young boy agreed with teary eyes, the user's fiancée told her sister (the young boy's mother) about the situation. They explained how they had decided long ago about Shelley bearing the ring, and they were sorry.

The situation got uncomfortable after the revelation was made. The fiancée's sister and husband seemed furious, and the couple left the barbecue. 


The users of Reddit sprung into action, and the majority of them agreed with the user. They mentioned how the wedding was their big day, and they didn't have to change their plans for anyone. 

Some users also took a neutral position by stating that the child should walk the ring bearing dog down the aisle for a win-win. One user even said that Reddit was hopeless when it came to dogs because cuteness overwhelmed their ability to post unbiased opinions. 

The stat's saved the user because most of them sided with him and blamed his fiancée's sister for putting the lad up to it. The netizens didn't call the boy an [expletive] but mentioned that kids wouldn't understand the significance of bearing the ring anyway. 


Staying in line with the wedding theme, another post on the AITA forum came from "aita flower girl." She inquired if she did the right thing by taking away her duty as a flower girl on the wedding day.

The user (female) wrote how she had to choose one of her nieces to be the flower girl at her wedding. Between 8-year-olds Amber and Katie, she chose Amber because she had an angelic cuteness to her and as a reward for doing good on a school assignment.

A small girl in an off white dress | Source:

A small girl in an off white dress | Source:

Little did the user know that her decision would draw fire from the AITA users and her family.


The user went on to mention that the sisters were not fond of each other for reasons she was unaware. However, Amber and Katie's father (the user's brother) told her that Amber was bullying Katie for not getting the job. 

Of course, in the middle of the preparations, she couldn't pay attention to it all. The user witnessed the bullying on the day of her wedding when Amber said, "You'll never get married because you're too ugly," to Katie. 

A little girl crying | Source:

A little girl crying | Source:

The user then took action and made Amber apologize before taking away her duty and giving it to Katie. She wrote in her post that Amber was crying for the entire wedding. 


The post concluded after the user wrote about how she got in touch with her brother days after the wedding, and he mentioned that Amber had been crying for two days straight.

The AITA pro's expressed their views on the issue, and unfortunately for the user, she was bashed hard. A long thread of comments reflected how the user should not have played favorites with her nieces and should have had two flower girls. 

Although the act of discouraging the bully was commendable, the comments revolved around the belief that the one posting should not have played favorites. In similar stories, a man was roasted on the "AITA" platform after he posted on the very forum. He disclosed that he didn't want her daughters at his sister's wedding because of her sexuality. 

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