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October 18, 2019

TMZ: Cuba Gooding Jr Reportedly Cleared of Charges Following Groping Accusations

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After being accused of groping a woman at an LA party he attended earlier this year, Cuba Gooding Jr. has been cleared of all charges against him. 

It was previously reported that Cuba Gooding Jr. allegedly groped a woman at a party in Los Angeles, which led to that woman reporting him to the police. 

However, after consulting all available evidence, prosecutors didn't find enough evidence to charge the actor with a crime, so they dropped the charges. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. at a Sirius XM guesting | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


Dropping the Charges due to Lack of Evidence

After the investigation made by the LAPD was inconclusive, the case was forwarded to the LA City Attorney for misdemeanor sexual battery. However, the City Attorney rejected the case because of a lack of evidence. 

Now, Cuba's attorney, Mark Heller, shares that his client does not even recall the incident from ever happening because he is always out. 

"Cuba doesn’t recall this case. He’s out every night of his life. He meets so many people. He interacts with so many people -- he can’t remember all the people he meets."



Facing Similar Charges in New York

While he was cleared of this charge in LA, Gooding faces a 4-count indictment in New York on one count of forcible touching and one of sexual abuse in the third degree, which are both misdemeanors. 

He turned himself into the cops in NYC before he was released on Tuesday when he pled not guilty to all 4 charges. 


Same Accusation, Different Place

In June, Cuba was caught in a similar situation when a female attendee at the "Magic Hour Bar and Lounge" in New York accused him of assault. 

On Monday morning, a distress call was placed to 911, with the 29-year-old woman reporting that the actor non-consensually held her breast while at a club the night before. 

The woman allegedly handed Gooding a glass of water out of kindness, as he was clearly intoxicated. However, he returned the favor by groping her breasts. 


Pleading "Not Guilty"

Cuba's lawyer insists his client did nothing wrong and he pled not guilty to the charges against him. 

Now, he'll just have to wait and see yet again what the prosecutor aims to do with his case the same way he did for the LA fiasco. 


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