Whoopi Goldberg of 'The View' Blasts PETA for Their Criticism after Saying She Wants Bacon over Vegan Meat

Whoopi Goldberg threw some shade at PETA after the animal rights organization made a "big deal" out of her statement of wanting to eat bacon over vegan meat. 

It all began when Whoopi Goldberg decided to speak about bacon on "The View," which PETA members watched and ultimately called out. 

Whoopi on Her Choice to Eat Meat

On her show, Goldberg said:

"What I don't want is no choice... I like the bacon, I want the bacon. You don't have to eat it... No one should tell you that you can't have something."

Whoopi Goldberg at one of her recent speaking engagements | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Whoopi Goldberg at one of her recent speaking engagements | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

PETA Calling Out Whoopi

PETA, which stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," then called her out on Twitter by saying: "We can't help but call out Whoopi Goldberg for her rant on "The View" over... bacon. Really, Whoopi? Eating bacon is your Friday cause? Your "choice" really hurts. Be kind."

Goldberg was not amused when PETA called her out on Twitter about favoring bacon over vegan meat, making a point about how she has a choice about what she wants to eat, the same way vegan eaters do. 

On an Animal's "Choice"

However, the organization just wasn't about to throw in the towel, and they hit back by saying: "Animals should have a choice though. Eating bacon causes enormous suffering and ends a pig's life. It's so easy to make choices that don't support suffering and death. We urge you to consider that."

With Whoopi Goldberg's illness that lasted months, it comes with no surprise that the TV host is trying to live life to the fullest, and that means eating whatever she pleases. 

Living Life to the Fullest

Back in March, she revealed that she almost died from her bout with pneumonia and sepsis. Now that she's fully recovered from that near-death experience, her choice to eat whatever it is she wants to eat is something that she wants to stand by. 

After all, life is best enjoyed with good company, good music, and good food - and Whoopi isn't allowing anyone to trample on her choices. 

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