'The Brady Bunch:' All 6 Brady Kids Gather for 'A Very Brady Renovation' Christmas Special

The former stars of the American sitcom, "The Brady Bunch," will be making an appearance in front of the camera and celebrating the holiday together. 

After renovating their iconic TV home with the help of HGTV stars, all six of the Brady kids are coming together to celebrate the holiday season in "A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition."

The special will be a crossover between the Food Network and HGTV. Pros from the Food Network will join the cast of the classic sitcom.

The young cast of "The Brady Bunch" pose with a cake celebrating the show's 100th episode. | Source: Getty Images

The young cast of "The Brady Bunch" pose with a cake celebrating the show's 100th episode. | Source: Getty Images


After "A Brady Renovation" aired on "HGTV" in September, saying goodbye to the iconic cast all over again was arduous. HGTV cooked up a great parting gift for the fans -- a holiday special. The Instagram handle of the show recently posted a video of the stars engaged in all sorts of renovation and preparations for the holidays. 

As the stars were overwhelmed with excitement to see the gang come back together for a special Christmas celebration, the fans are left wondering about what will the special hold. "Deadline" reported that the special will "bring back memories of the TV family's holiday gatherings there." For research purposes, "A Very Brady Christmas," is a must-watch. 


The Christmas special is going to be a massive gathering with the Food Network and Brady's coming together. Ree Drummond, Food Network's pioneer, will be assisting the crew in preparing the feast. 

Meanwhile, Jasmine Roth, "HGTV's" Hidden Potential star, will lead the crew with her DIY skills and teach them how to create holiday-inspired projects. "Along with Jasmine Roth and the Brady siblings, we've assembled a dream team to create the ultimate holiday programming event," said HGTV president Jane Latman. 


When HGTV first decided to build the TV abode of the show, the cast was shot into nostalgia upon entering the house. Barry Williams, who played the character of Greg in the show, described the feeling as "unreal."

Other cast members were equally amazed by how their TV home had come to life. "You guys, we're all here together. How long has it been? All six of us are here together again, after 15 years of not being together as a group," said Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia.


The designing team made sure that the house looked exactly like the previous set, and they've done a fantastic job. During the renovation, the Brady stars played host to other television personalities.

"Property Brothers" stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, "Good Bones'" Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine, "Flea Market Flip's" Lara Spencer, "Restored by the Fords" siblings Leanne and Steve Ford, and "Hidden Potential's" Jasmine Roth were a part of the designing team.

This time, the Brady's are only accompanied by the HGTV pioneer and the "Hidden Potential Star." "A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition" will hit the air through "HGTV" on December 16. Happy holidays! 

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