Danielle Busby of 'Outdaughtered' and Her Family Pose in Superhero Costumes for Halloween Photo

Danielle Busby has a family of superheroes as revealed in a new family photo shared to her Instagram account.

In the snap, the "OutDaughtered" star, her husband, Adam, and daughters, wore different superhero costume as they smiled for the camera. In the accompanying caption, the reality star wrote,

"We call ourselves tonight, the superhero family."

Danielle, who dressed as "Superwoman," with her husband as "Captain America" by her side, went on to list the costumes her daughters wore and why. For Blayke, the oldest of the six girls, she dressed as "Captain Marvel" because of her "Big sister" role.

Ava had on the "Spider-Girl" costume because she likes climbing on things, while Hazel chose "Sidekick Robin" because she makes excellent handstands, and acts as everyone's sidekick in the house.

Olivia is "Flash Girl" because she loves running around; Riley is "Bat Girl" because she is the tattletale in the family, while Parker Kate dressed as "Wonder Woman," for her nurturing spirit. The Busbys' puppy, Beaux Buzz, was not left out, and it stands as the defender of the girls.

The costume photo got taken during Halloween, and before the spooky holiday, Hazel showed that she's not a fan after Adam scared her with a giant pumpkin blowup. But it didn't stop her from putting on her costume with the rest of her siblings.

Asides from Blayke, the Busby girls, are quintuplets. Danielle and the dad-of-six welcomed the quints in 2015, and soon after, they got a show on TLC. It transformed the former Target employees to reality stars, but Adam recently revealed that being on TV is not as rewarding as it appears.

In an Instagram post, he wrote,

"Being in the public eye isn't always sunshine and rainbows, so we are grateful for our support system of friends and family…"

The post came weeks after "OutDaughtered" had its season six premiere. It got revealed that the new home the reality TV family moved to after their old house got mould infestation, is perfect for the quintuplets to grow in as they develop individual personalities.

Hazel is becoming more independent, Riley is the smart one, Parker does not like being in front of the camera, and Ava and Olivia share codependency.

The Busbys' love the personality change as their daughters are finding their paths, while still complementing each other excellently.

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