November 12, 2019

Tammy Wynette Was Married to George Jones for 6 Years before Divorce - Here's a Look at Their Stormy Relationship

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After six years of marital bliss, Tammy Wynette and her third husband George Jones got divorced in 1975. Their relationship was as dramatic as it could be with constant fights and disagreements. 

When it came to music, Tammy Wynette was a pro, but the same cannot be said about her marriages. The actress had been married five times in her life. 


The mother-of-four passed away on April 6, 1988, due to heart failure caused by damage from repeated blood clots.


In 1960, the singer got married to her first husband Euple Byrd, a construction worker. She was only 18 back then. The couple would often move from one place to another since Byrd could not keep a job. 


Wynette and Byrd had three daughters, Gwendolyn, Jacquelyn, and Tina. Sadly, the couple parted ways in 1966. 

A year later, the singer got married to songwriter Don Chapel. Back then, Wynette had just signed a record deal with Epic Records. That was also when she got her famous stage name "Tammy Wynette."


Wynette's career soared after that, but her marriage was failing yet again. She and Chapel got divorced merely a year after vowing to stay together for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, fans loved Wynette's music. In 1969, her song "Stand By Your Man" hit number one. That year was extra special for the singer because not only did her single hit number one, but she also released her "Greatest Hits, Volume 1."



Recording Industry Association of America certified her album gold, the first one for a female country singer back then. She also joined the Grand Ole Opry.

In 1978, Wynette decided to give marriage another try. That was when she married her third husband, George Jones. The pair welcomed a daughter ]--Tamala Georgette--together.

Georgette Jones and Jacquelyn Faye Byrd. | Source: YouTube/HLN


Jones was an infamous drinker back then, a habit that affected his relationship with Wynette. Their marriage suffered, but surprisingly, their career soared like never before. 

Wynette and Jones were already pretty successful solo acts and with marriage came collaboration. Fans loved their duets. 

A portrait of George Jones. | Source: YouTube/CountryAtItsFinest



It took no time for the couple to be known as "Mr. and Mrs. Country Music." On stage, their chemistry was invincible but off-stage, they fought like cats and dogs. 

The main reason why they fought so much was Jones' drinking. According to PEOPLE, he chased Wynette around the house with a loaded 30-30 rifle once. 


In 1975, the couple called it quits and got divorced. But the couple continued to sing together during the later days. "I just love working with him," Wynette admitted

After her failed marriage with Jones failed, the country star went on to marry Michael Tomlin in 1976, but their union lasted less than a year. 

Photo of songwriter and record producer George Richey circa 1967. | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Finally, Wynette settled down with George Richey, who she wed in 1978. The couple stayed together until her death in 1998.