Man Who Doesn't Want to Tell Brother He Might Be the Father of His Child Sparks Heated Debate

Rebelander Basilan
Nov 17, 2019
11:00 A.M.
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A man created a stir recently after sharing he refused to tell his brother that he might be the father of his daughter.


Writing to Reddit, the man explained that his brother Will has a seven-year-old daughter named Lacey.

"The thing is, there is a strong possibility that Lacey is actually my daughter," he wrote.

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His brother's wife, April, who recently passed away from cancer, had an affair with him shortly after they had gotten married.

"After we slept together, she got pregnant," he confessed. "We had a mutual agreement that we were never going to tell Will what happened as it would devastate him."

The man added, "As Lacey grew up, she began to look more and more like me. I don't think Will ever clued in. April and I talked about it a few times and she said that just based on the timeline of when we slept together, there is a decent chance that Lacey is mine."

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"When April got cancer, Will was obviously devastated," he continued. "Near the end of her illness, April told me that eventually she would like Will and Lacey to know what happened between us. She made me promise to tell them. I promised her that I would just to give her some peace."

However, when April died, he still didn't tell his brother about their secret, and he doesn't think he ever will.

"He has been hyper depressed since April died and telling him this would just devastate him, let alone ruin our relationship," he wrote.

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He added, "For all practical reasons, Lacey is his daughter. He is the one that has raised her and neither of them know any different. Especially since April died, I think it would just be cruel to tell him that his daughter might not even be his daughter."

"On the other hand, I did promise April that I would tell him, and if she is actually my daughter, I don't know if it would be better for that to be out in the open or not," he continued.

The man's post accumulated a ton of remarks from other Reddit users.

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One person wrote, "There is absolutely no reason to put this burden on your poor brother and niece. You and your brother share the same genes so she doesn't need to know for medical reasons. This will destroy your family. Leave. It. Alone."

"Genes seem to cast around for features, some people look like uncles or aunts. some take after grandparents. Doesn't mean you are the father," added another.

"Another thing to consider is that you have no concrete evidence that she's actually your daughter," someone else wrote. "There is a chance that it his actually his. This is a scenario where it's better not to go looking for answers in that regard. Just know that she could be his actual daughter.


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