Wendy Williams Shows Support for Lamar Odom Jr after His Reaction to Finding out about Dad's Engagement on Social Media

Wendy Williams was on Lamar Odom Jr.’s side on her show after the teen slammed his father for finding out about his engagement to Sabrina Parr online.

Lamar Odom Jr. had a rough couple of days after knowing of his father’s surprise engagement to his girlfriend of four months, Sabrina Parr.

Wendy Williams expressed her support for the 17-year-old on her show, adding that he has every right to feel bad and didn’t need to take down his post on social media about the issue.


Williams gave her thoughts about sharing big announcements to your family before posting about it on social media since they are a big part of your life, who will most likely be affected by a big decision. She said:

“You’re supposed to make big announcements about your life to your family, behind the scenes. And then you go in front of the scenes and you talk about stuff. But, these are his two kids.”

The host also said that she “agreed” with the teen and understood where he was coming from, given that he was caught off guard by the news.


After finding out about the engagement, Odom’s son took his emotions out on social media in a post that has since been deleted, which read:

“Not a txt or a phone call to see how people who’ve known this dude his whole life to see how we would feel or react. Knew shawty for 4 months and already got you twisted, fam n friends already don’t approve of homegirl but she already got your [expletive] in a sunken place.”

Despite their private relationship, fans of the athlete wish him well and hope for their happy and successful marriage.

Lamar Jr. also noted that being the former basketball superstar’s son meant finding out things through social media instead of first hand.

After taking down the post, he apologized for what he said and explained that he should have been more “responsible” about his activities online.


Odom shared their photo after asking his girlfriend to be his wife, after being previously married to Khloe Kardashian. The post showed the bride-to-be’s sparkling diamond ring.

The couple’s relationship has been fast-paced after announcing their dating status in August. Not much is known about Parr except for her work as a health and life coach and personal trainer.

However, Hollywood Life claims she was previously married and has two children with her. Odom’s fiancee also claims her past marriage was “crazy’ in a post that showed her mugshot.

Despite their private relationship, fans of the athlete wish him well and hope for their happy and successful marriage.

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