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Jennifer Lopez and Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Look Hot and Stylish in Sultry New Photoshoot

Tichafa Chidzonga
Nov 17, 2019
10:00 P.M.
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez promote their QUAY sunglasses collection by showing off the sexy and stylish pictures for the brands latest campaign.


In their personal lives, Jennifer Lopez and her fiancée, Alex Rodriguez have managed to establish the perfect blended family.

Working together in business, they have managed to create the perfect blend of a women and men's sunglass collection. For their second QUAY range, Lopez says:

"Round ✌ Get ready for the season of ??✨#QUAYxJLO + #QUAYxAROD BRAND NEW collection is available now. Link is in my bio. ? @quayaustralia."


The first promotional post shared by Lopez has received over 1.5 million likes in the past 48 hours. The images follow a rich copper, brown and gold theme.

Wearing coordinated outfits, the couple match the rich brown and gold color scheme to accentuate their black and brown sunglasses.


Just days before the launch Lopez couldn't contain her excitement for her latest project, she exclaims:


Jennifer Lopez shows her excitement to the announcement of the QUAY sunglasses collection she launched with Alex Rodriguez | Source: instagram.com/quayaustralia


Lopez and Rodriquez first collaborated with QUAY in March, 2019. It is reported, the second collection launched on Wednesday.

"The first collection was super colorful, bold, and fun, and I think this one is a little more everyday, with festive gold touches and warm, classic colors. It definitely has a little more elegant holiday vibe to it," Lopez says in a statement.


For the second collection, the power couple have reintroduced some of the bestsellers from their previous collection, while adding six new sunglass designs, she explains:

"Alex and I really wanted to make sure our style was captured here—be classic, but also sexy and glamorous. We just wanted to have a strong sense of our self-expression and of who we really are."


Since getting engaged during their island getaway in the Bahamas, in March, it has been speculated that their wedding will be just as opulent and over the top as their lifestyles.

It is reported, the couple have expressed their desire to have a big wedding, with lots of guests. Considering Lopez has been married three times before, Rodriguez married once before, and they both have children form those relationships, they said they are open to inviting their exes to the wedding.