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Hannah Brown Asked Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Not to Touch Her during DWTS Rehearsal & Fans Weigh In

Afouda Fortune
Nov 19, 2019
06:10 P.M.
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Fans of "Dancing with the Stars" have quite a lot to say after Hanna Brown instructed judge Carrie Ann Inaba not to touch her during rehearsals. 


Yesterday, Hannah Brown made headlines after US Magazine reported that she had quite an episode with judge Carrie Ann Inaba during rehearsals.


According to the publication, on Monday's episode of the dancing competition, Inaba joined Brown and her partner Alan Bersten, to help with their redemption rumba dance which she assigned them to redo. 

During the coaching session, Carrie was trying to help Hannah accentuate her hips more during the dance, and that was when "The Bachelorette" star got a bit emotional and started crying. 


Unfortunately, when Inaba tried to offer a shoulder to cry on, Brown turned her down, saying, "I don't want to be touched."

As expected, fans had their opinions about Hannah's behavior towards Carrie, as many believed she was being insolent.

A disgusted fan suggested that Hannah wasn't great at handling constructive criticism and didn't deserve to be on the show.


Another fan who shared the same sentiment wrote:

"This girl just clearly can't take criticism! And for those whining she is being set up to fail, no, if she would just actually listen to the judges, stops dancing around like a Stepford wife, things would be a lot better for her. Stop trying to be all smiles & just really try!"


This user believed fans shouldn't feel sorry for Hannah as she signed up for reality television and "hasn't been through anything" yet.

Others, however, believed that Hannah did nothing wrong and that "the producers were trying to set Hannah up to fail."


Another fan saw it from the perspective of Hannah being someone who doesn't like being touched, writing:

"I know I'm the type of person when I'm upset. I don't like to be touched or hugged. Nothing wrong with this."


This fan shared the same belief, writing:

"As a person that deals with anxiety, I feel for her. Because I def do not want to be touched when I am upset. She's NOT rude, she is a human being with feelings. Some people need to be compassionate."


According to PopCulture, Hannah seems to think she did wrong as she reportedly apologized to Inaba for coming off as "dismissive." In her words:

"I just want to say I am so sorry if it seemed like I was dismissive. I had a really hard day that day. It was really emotional learning my contemporary [routine]. I didn't handle my emotions very well."

Hannah Brown poses at "Dancing with the Stars" Season 28 at CBS Television City. | Photo: Getty Images

Luckily, Woman's Day notes that Carrie Ann Inaba accepted her apology as she confessed that she wasn't offended by the gesture.

It is wonderful that all seems to be alright between Carrie and Hannah.