December 03, 2019

Woman Sparks Debate after Leaving Fiancé's Family on Thanksgiving & Spending Rest of the Day with Ex-Love Interest

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A woman is the center of a heated discussion online after she leaves her fiancé’s family on Thanksgiving and spends the rest of the day with a former fling.

A woman has taken to Reddit to seek counsel from internet users after having a terrible Thanksgiving experience at her fiancé’s home. 

The original poster explained that she had her first Thanksgiving with her fiancé’s family this year, who happens to be wealthy.

Happy family having Thanksgiving dinner party at home. | Photo: Shutterstock


Wanting to make a good impression on her future in-laws, her fiancé bought her an expensive, beautiful dress and booked her hair and makeup appointment.

Unfortunately, something went wrong in the family, and he no longer seemed bothered about what they thought of his fiancée. He got mad at them and stopped caring about their opinions.

Despite his disposition, the woman was still determined to win over his family and continued to make efforts. However, her man had given up as he downed half a bottle of vodka by 10 am on the day of the celebration.

A young drunk man drinking whiskey. | Photo: Shutterstock


She recalled that the dinner went by like most family thanksgiving with everyone socializing before the main dinner came along. However, through it all, her fiancé was being rude, bratty, and drunk.

At a point, he snuck off with his sister to do drugs and even asked her to join them. When she insisted that she wasn’t participating, he shouted at her and aggressively asked her why she was trying to impress his family in front of some of his loved ones.

Soon, she realized that he had snuck off again to do drugs. This time, however, it didn’t seem like he was ever going to come back.

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Realizing that the man she wanted to marry awkwardly left her all by herself, she decided that she wasn’t going to stick around anymore. 

Since her fiancé began messing up, the OP was texting a friend, who she once had a thing with, about the whole situation.

When her fiancé bailed on her, he invited her to come over and spend Thanksgiving with him and his family and order her an Uber.

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She spent the rest of the evening with him and admitted that she had a fantastic evening. She even went ahead to spend the night there but made sure she stayed in the guest bedroom.

Through it all, her fiancé didn’t even bother to check on her once. The next day she returned home and told her fiancé where she spent the night because she didn’t think there was anything to hide.

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However, her fiancé wasn’t buying it as he questioned her about choosing to stay at a former fling’s place and had been giving her the silent treatment. Now, she wants to know if she did something wrong by spending the day with a former fling. 

Many internet users believed that both the woman and her fiancé were both wrong and shouldn’t even think of getting married because there were too many red flags.

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Another similar story is that if a Reddit user who wants to know if she is wrong for opting out of family thanksgiving because of her sister’s boyfriend who is loud, homophobic and insulting.

She has since complained to her mom about his behavior, but all her parents want is for everyone to get along.

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Given that she can’t tolerate his presence, she has decided to stay away from family events, but everyone is blaming her for being unfair to her parents.