Hilarious Santa Jokes to Brighten the Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly with Christmas nearing with every day. Here are some funny Santa Claus jokes that will bring a good laugh around the dinner table. 

One day, in the north pole, the elves were having a fun time singing and dancing to songs while they gift-wrapped the presents for Christmas. Suddenly, the speakers blew, and there was no more music.

The work became dull and unfestive in an instant. One of the elves proposed that they tell jokes while they worked. All of the elves agreed, and they went on a one-liner spree. 

A couple of elves. | Source: Unsplash

A couple of elves. | Source: Unsplash


One elf asked, "How much did Santa's sled cost?" the entire room replied, "How much?" "Nothing! It's on the house!" he said. Another elf asked, "Why is Santa scared of chimneys?" the others asked why, and he said, "Because he's claus-trophobic."

Another elf asked, "What nationality is Santa Claus?" some said, Siberian, some said he lived in California, but the elf replied, "I think he's North Polish." 

With chuckles and giggles, the work was being done, and another elf asked, "What's Santa's favorite kind of music?" Christmas carols started echoing in the hall, but alas, Santa likes "Wrap Music."


Jokes went around, and someone asked. "Is Santa any good a Karate?" The room went silent because all of the elves were trying to picture Santa exercising with his big belly. 

Santa Claus wearing a black belt. | Source: Unsplash

Santa Claus wearing a black belt. | Source: Unsplash

The elf then answered, "Of course he is! He's got a black belt." A voice from the back asked, "After Christmas is over, Santa goes on vacation. Where does he stay?"

The elves were talking about the sleigh turning into an RV for the rest of the year. The same voice from the back said, "Simple, in a Ho-Ho-Hotel." After the laughs, another elf asked, "Guys, do you know what Santa named his pet frog?"

A frog sitting on a plant. | Source: Unsplash

A frog sitting on a plant. | Source: Unsplash


"We don't know," the other elves replied. "It's a Mistletoad." Everyone was laughing when Santa Claus walked into the room. Everybody got rid of their grin, and there was silence in the room. 

Santa looked around and said, "Pack those up fast, and someone come help me. My sleigh broke, and I have to get it in the air by Christmas." One of the elves asked, "How are you going to fix it?"

Santa looked at him, smiled, and said, "I have no eye deer."

Source: Countryliving

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