Woman Roasted for Wanting Her Daughter's Indoor Cats to Live Outside

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 09, 2019
05:00 P.M.
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A woman received a lot of criticism after sharing that she wants her daughter's cats to live outside of their house.


Writing on Reddit, the woman explained that her 22-year-old daughter, who works full time, still lives at home.

According to the mother, her daughter adopted two cats when she was 16 and they have always been indoor cats.

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Throughout the years, they have had a few issues with her cats.  The woman wrote:

"We've had numerous talks regarding her cats ruining the floors. Given ultimatums to sort her cats out or they'd become outside cats only/rehome them."

She added that they usually give in because their daughter begins crying and believes her cats will be killed by cars or harmed by homeowners.

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The woman said that as she was painting her son's closet, she could smell cat urine, and when she pulled up the carpet after the paint dried, she noticed a visible wet spot of urine.

"I'm pretty irked," she wrote. "We have thousands of dollars in flooring to install. I can only imagine those cats will do their business on my new flooring as well."

One person pointed out that cats do not do well outside because their lifespan gets cut in half.

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Despite the fact that the woman truly wants those cats out of the house, she hates to think of the poor creatures being injured or killed.

Her husband has recommended moving the felines to the garage, which has a dog entryway leading to their fenced backyard. However, the cats would have the option to hop the fence.

The woman's post accumulated a ton of remarks from other Reddit users.

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One person pointed out that cats do not do well outside because their lifespan gets cut in half. Another user added that if she doesn't want to get rid of the cats, she can consider a catio.

"So far you've given these 'ultimatums' but haven't followed through on those in over 6 years," one of the commenters weighed in.

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Someone else wrote that making the inside cats outdoor cats isn't an option because the animals will most likely come to harm.

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