Danielle Busby of 'Outdaughtered' Shows off the New Look Hubby 'Doesn't Love' & Fans React

Danielle Busby debuts a new hairdo during a girl's night out. Fans are loving the lighter color, but her husband, Adam Busy, doesn't like the look at all.

Ahead of her birthday celebrations, Danielle Busby of TLC's "Outdaughtered" tried out a new look during a girl's night out. In a picture of each women wearing a wig she said:

"It's one of those nights! Early birthday celebration with my favorite ladies. Call me Storm ☔ Feeling like @daniaustin #loveyou."

It is reported, her four-year-old quints recently got new hairstyles. So it only makes sense that the mom of six would treat herself to a makeover, just in time for her birthday. 

However, her husband, Adam Busy couldn't hold back his feelings about the new longer and lighter looking hairstyle, he responded:

"I don't love it...?."

Since the show aired in 2016, fans have gotten used to Danielle's straight, shoulder length, and brunette hair. So it is no surprise that fans were overjoyed to see her debuting a curly blonde style.

Some fans agreed to her caption that she looks like Storm, while some think she reminds them of Elsa from "Frozen." It seems everyone except Adam is loving the blonde look.

A fan compliments Danielle Busby on a picture of her sporty blonde hair | Source: instagram.com/dbusy

A fan compliments Danielle Busby on a picture of her sporty blonde hair | Source: instagram.com/dbusy

The reality star didn't reveal why the women chose wigs for their night out, but her fans seem to want to see more of the look. A fan made a suggestion and said:

"Ummm you should totally go blonde you look amazing!!"

Reportedly, the Busby's have been going through a bit of a rough patch. After Adam shared an Instagram post about the challenges of facing life in the public eye, many fans were left concerned.

The couple has not elaborated on the post. However, Adam has hinted at frustrations with show's editing. They have also had to deal with a lot of trolls and parent-shaming since being on the show.

Adding to emotional burden, the couple had some physical challenges to overcome after Danielle underwent a hysterectomy in November.

The surgery went well, and considering Danielle made time for a girl's night, her recovery appears to be on track. Adam even joked that Hazel needed proof of the surgery; without it, she said: "it didn't happen."

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