Young Man Roasted for Embarrassing Dad & New Wife at Family Events after He Cheated on His Mom

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 22, 2019
09:00 A.M.
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A young man received a lot of criticism after sharing that he intentionally embarrassed his father at family occasions because he cheated on his mother and wedded his "affair partner."


Writing on Reddit, the young man explained that his father's family has sort of accepted his father's new spouse. Although he has never accepted her, he's not yelling at them or anything.

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However, he admitted that he goes to every family event and makes it awkward for his father and his wife. There was a time when he saw the two arrived, he said:

"Uh oh, hold on to your husbands everyone."

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Furthermore, during Thanksgiving, the young man said he was grateful that his mother had found a real man who was loyal and strong for once. He was referring to his mother's new boyfriend.

"My comments usually make my grandparents laugh but my dad and his wife are very clearly uncomfortable and (embarrassed)," he shared.

One user said that he did the wrong thing since family parties are not the perfect time or the place for his kind of negligible conduct. 

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The young man said he keeps getting invited back to these events. For him, feeling awkward is a small price to pay after ruining a family.

Meanwhile, his father has apologized for the illicit relationship and has requested that he stop with the remarks. However, he doesn't think he will.

The young man's post accumulated a ton of remarks from other Reddit users.

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One user said that he did the wrong thing since family parties are not the perfect time or place for his kind of negligible conduct. 

Another user added he needs to move on with his life instead of projecting all his hatred with this sort of behavior.

Someone else commented that it would be best for him to just ignore his father because his harsh words won't change anything.

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